Rosco DMG LION with swappable LED Engines

The Rosco DMG LION is a powerful, 13-inch, all-weather Fresnel that utilizes cutting-edge technology to replicate the look and feel of a classic tungsten Fresnel, but with the versatility that LED technology provides.

What makes the DMG LION quite unique is that it features two easy-to-swap LED engines. One utilizes Rosco’s patented MIX Technology for full spectrum output and the other is a bi-color LED engine that produces maximum intensity. The Bi-color LED engine is CCT adjustable between 2700-6500K, while the MIX LED engine is CCT adjustable from 1700-10,000K.

This is a clever concept as it allows you to swap out the LED engine depending on your requirements. By having this functionality you get the best of both worlds. You can have full color when you need it and more output when you don’t simply by swapping out the LED engine. The Bi-color LED engine has 2x the output of the MIX LED engine and Rosco claims it has the equivalent output of a 5K Tungsten fixture.

The Rosco DMG LION features a motorized spot/flood mechanism for adjusting the Fresnel. The Fresnel can be adjusted from 15-70 degrees which is a very impressive range.

There is no current indication of price and it is scheduled to start shipping in 2024.

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