RED KOMODO-X Version 1.0.1 Firmware (Beta)

Red Komodo X

RED has released KOMODO-X Version 1.0.1 Firmware (Beta). This is the first firmware release for RED’s latest camera, and it fixed a few issues while adding support for Angelbird and RED’s own new Pro 1TB CFexpress cards.

  • Added Shutter Values Below 1/8 in Timelapse Mode
  • Added Edit Shutter in Timelapse Mode
  • Added Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress 1TB MK2 support
  • Added RED PRO 1TB support
  • Fixed Image cut off when enabling SDI flip/mirror
  • Fixed Guides when enabling SDI flip/mirror
  • Fixed SDI Image freeze when switching formats after toggling SDI flip/mirror
  • Fixed possible issue switching between playback and preview
  • Improved ProRes finalizing time
  • Improved Peaking on DSMC3 RED TOUCH 7.0″


  1. Copy upgrade.bin to a /upgrade directory on the CFexpress card.
  2. Power up the camera and insert a CFexpress card into the KOMODO-X media slot.
  3. Go to Menu > Maintenance > Upgrade and select OK.
  4. The camera starts the upgrade process which will automatically restart the camera.
  5. Go to Menu > System Settings > System Status > Camera Info to verify the firmware version after the camera boots.

Warning message will occur with unapproved Media and Batteries.

Download the latest REDCINE-X PRO from https://www.red.com/downloads

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