RED KOMODO Version 1.7.5 Firmware Update

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RED has released the KOMODO Version 1.7.5 firmware update, which adds significant changes since build 1.6.5.

The biggest new additions are the ability to record in ELQ R3D, autofocus improvements, a Gio Scope, accelerometer and gyro data for R3D, timecode out, and support for Prograde 320GB/640GB cards.

New Features & Bug Fixes

* Added ELQ R3D Quality
* Added support for KOMODO MONOCHROME
* Added Cloud Upload capability (Frame.io and S3)
* Added Autofocus improvements ( out of beta )
* Added support for KOMODO MONOCHROME
* Added accelerometer and gyro data to R3D
* Added upcoming clip filename to SDI HANC while in preview
* Added User assignable Low Voltage Warning over SDI
* Added Gio Scope
* Added Sensor Sync Shift
* Added enhanced Timecode behavior
* Added Timecode Out
* Added PTP Timecode Support
* Added External Only Audio over SDI Improvements
* Added RF Iris Compensation
* Added ‘Basic’ Overlay Mode
* Added ‘Standard’ Overlay Mode
* Added Overlay Opacity
* Added Guide Pixel Dimensions in UI
* Added Prograde 320GB/640GB support
* Added RCP2 external lens data support
* Added RCP2 support for sensor time and exposure time
* Added Play/Pause indicators in Playback
* Added GPO Tally Out support
* Added USB drive support for logs, presets and calibration files
* Fixed incorrect color space information in SDI ancillary data
* Fixed no CDL being applied to top LCD
* Fixed 3D LUT metadata displayed in playback
* Fixed ‘LCD Guides Toggle’ and ‘LCD Tools Toggle’ user setting
* Fixed reset of absolute frame guide width/height value when disabled
* Fixed ‘Forget’ not clearing cached network password
* Fixed lowest Lens aperture not displayed in UI
* Fixed inconsistent Iris values on lens swap
* Fixed livestream freezing after changing format
* Fixed Playback button with button lock
* Fixed R3D timecode mismatch in camera array
* Fixed Absolute Frame Guide when values are outside the format limits
* Improved RCP2 CDL control
* Improved Static IP setup

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