Nodal One PL Mount Focal Reducer

The Nodal One focal reducer gives you a 0.71x wider effective field of view and an additional stop of exposure. It is currently on Indiegogo and looking for funding.

The Nodal One focal reducer has user-changeable mounts and a back focus adjustment. The version being shown at Cine Gear 2023 was still a prototype.

Key features

  • 0.71x field of view increase
  • Gain 1 stop of exposure
  • User shimmable. All units are calibrated before they ship.
  • Back focus adjustment for quick +/- tuning in the field
  • RF mount currently with more mounts in the future
  • Around 19mm of clearance for a large amount of PL mount lens compatibility. List of tested compatible lenses in the FAQ section of the website. (nodalcine.com)
  • All units have 1/4 20 screw mount for cage mount or rail mount for additional rigidity.

If you would like to see more examples you can at their YouTube page.

Nodal has successfully tested numerous lenses, including Atlas Mercury and Orion anamorphic primes, Sigma FF ART Primes, DZO Vespid primes, Laowa OOOM zoom, vintage Helios and MIR primes, vintage LOMO anamorphic primes, and Cooke anamorphic primes. All of them work beautifully with the Nodal One Focal Reducer.

The company calibrates every Nodal One Focal Reducer to infinity focus before it ships. The adapter is user shimmable and a shim kit is included with every adapter.  

Launching with an RF mount, more mounts are on their way. They will have an E-mount, with M43rds and other mounts coming soon. 

Back Story

Joshua Chiara is the founder of Nodal Cine and he is a cinematographer with over 15 years of experience. He has been using focal reducers for as long as they’ve been on the market, but as he grew as a filmmaker, he quickly learned that he needed things that weren’t commercially available.

This need is what inspired him to build his first custom PL Mount focal reducer for the M43rds system. This was the beginning.

When the RED Komodo came out, he loved using it. However, since he mainly shoots anamorphic, he knew that he wanted a focal reducer to take full advantage of those lenses. The RED Komodo has a 17×9 sensor which crops the left and right of the sensor to give you an anamorphic frame.  This isn’t ideal for anamorphic capture since you want the additional sensor height that these lenses were intended for.  With the Nodal One Focal Reducer, lenses look and feel more like how they were intended, especially anamorphic lenses.

Pricing & Availability

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As I mentioned earlier, it is currently on Indiegogo and looking for funding. You can back one for $799 USD. The regular price will be $995 USD.

Retail price TBD but will be between $899 & $999 USD.

Nodal is looking at E mount, M43, Leica L, and Fuji X. We are trying to do an Alexa mount with the initial launch at the end of the pre-order campaign. All mounts are user interchangeable and will be available separately.

With any crowdfunding platform please use your best judgment when backing any project as there are always associated risks.

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