Laowa Ranger Full Frame Cine Zoom Pricing Announced

At Cine Gear 2023, Laowa announced a new 16-30 T2.9 Ranger Full Frame Cine Zoom that will join the 28-75mm T2.9 & 75-180mm T2.9. These look to be very compact cine zooms that would be suitable for documentary shooters using full frame cameras.

Laowa also exclusively gave us the pricing on the Ranger Full Frame Cine Zooms that will be officially launched on June 13th. They will be $2,999 USD each. The lenses will start shipping immediately on the 13th of June.

The two lens set that features the 28-75mm T2.9 & 75-180mm T2.9 will be under $6,000 USD.

Being able to build a full rame zoom set with a constant T2.9 aperture and a focal range from 16-180mm for less than $12K USD is impressive, especially given their compact size.

In a lot of ways, because of the size and form factor, I like to think of them as full-frame Fujinon MKs.

The build quality is nice and the operation of the focus, iris, and zoom is smooth.

With a constant T2.9 aperture, I was surprised at just how small these lenses were given their focal range. The lenses will come natively in PL mount, with a user interchange Canon EF mount.

The lenses have a 77cm front filter diameter and an 80mm front diameter. They are claimed to be par focal and they have a back focus adjustment built into the lens.

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