CRDBAG adds new products to its lineup

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Swedish company CRDBAG has added new products to its lineup of filmmaking accessories.


The CRDSLING was designed to maximize the functionality of the CRDPOUCH MKII. The CRDSLING integrates with the CRDPOUCH MKII, offering convenient hands-free carrying for your gear.

I have previously reviewed the CRDPOUCH MKII on the site before.

Key features

  • Transforming CRDPOUCH MKII into a sling bag
  • Adjustable strap for comfortable hands-free carrying
  • Easy access to gear while on the move
  • Carry two CRDPOUCH MKII bags simultaneously

The CRDSLING was specifically tailored to the needs of filmmakers and photographers. The adjustable strap allows you to wear it comfortably as a sling bag, keeping your gear secure and easily accessible.


The CRDSLING will be available Q3 2023 for $19.95 USD.


The PALS ADAPTER is an innovative accessory designed to enhance the versatility of the CRDPOUCH MKII.

The PALS ADAPTER includes three easy-to-use MOLLE buckles, providing a secure attachment for your CRDPOUCH MKII to the adapter.

It also features attachment points in the form of four paracord loops. These loops provide additional options for securing or hanging accessories, enabling you to keep everything organized and within reach during your shoots.


The PALS ADAPTER will be available Q3 2023 for $32 USD.


The CRDSTRAP helps you organize cables and secure camera gear. The high-quality bungee cords provide flexibility and strength, allowing you to confidently bundle and keep your equipment organized.

  • 12 pack including 3 different sizes
  • 6 Small, 4 Medium & 2 Large Multiple Sizes and color-coded

The CRDSTRAP comes in three different lengths and thicknesses, catering to various needs and equipment sizes. Each size is color-coded, ensuring easy identification and quick access to the right strap.

Equipped with a convenient cord stopper, the CRDSTRAPS offers adjustable tension, allowing you to fine-tune the secure grip according to your specific requirements.


The CRDSTRAP is available now for $14.50 USD.


The PALS/MOLLE BUCKLE allows you to attach your CRDPOUCH MKII to backpacks, belts, and other gear equipped with a MOLLE webbing system. This versatile solution ensures a reliable and secure connection, keeping your essentials easily accessible and organized.

Each PALS/MOLLE BUCKLE kit includes six high-quality buckles, providing ample options for customization and flexibility. With this comprehensive kit, you can tailor the attachment points to your specific needs, whether you’re a photographer, outdoor enthusiast, or professional on the go.


The PALS/MOLLE BUCKLE is now available for $12 USD.


The Five Panel velcro Canvas Hat is being billed as a stylish and durable accessory to enhance your casual outfits. It is made from sturdy canvas material and it features a modern silhouette with a structured crown and a flat brim. The adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit, while the velcro front adds a customizable touch.

  • Available in 3 different colors: Purple, Gray & Black
  • Personalize your hat with the customizable velcro front

You can personalize your hat by adding your embroidered patches to personalize your hat.

Price & Availability

Pre-orders start beginning of June. The hats will retail for $34.95 USD

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