CaseCart. It’s a case and cart all in one

The CaseCart is a concept born out of frustration. You always have to take so much on a shoot, a Case full of gear, and a cart to move it all around. The precious time for building up and breaking down the production cart and the extra transport is a hassle. In comes the CaseCart.

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Kit Includes

HPRC-2800W hard case (external dimension: 813,3×586,5×480,5(mm) – 32.02×23.09×18.92(in))
2x Removable straight wheels
2x Removable rotating wheels with brake
1x Standard Top plate
1x Basic interior

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The case is an HPRC-2800W hard case with a custom-built tray insert that pulls up, locks into place, and turns the case into a cart.

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The wheels are very rugged and are easily removed with a single button push.

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They make several accessories, such as a side tray and hooks. It’s also compatible with a cup holder.

More Accessories Coming Soon

More options are in the works to round out the CaseCart.

  • Mast/Pole (monitor mount/Camera plate)
  • Storage troughs
  • Cable hooks
  • Corner plug for 28 mm pin or baby pin
  • Organizer Kit
  • Top Shelf Drawer
  • Keyboard Tray
  • Baby Pin Pole
  • Corner Mounting block
  • Monitor Mounting Rack
  • Cup Holders

The CaseCart has a great build and is very fast to set up. I can see it is a great case for a camera package with many accessories. Pull the camera out and use the tray to put the kit together. No bending over. The tray has a nice lip on it to prevent lenses or other rolling objects from falling off.


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The base CartCase retails for $2750 USD and is available from retailers globally. For more info, visit CaseCart’s website.

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