Durable Revar Cine Filter Cartridge holds single 4 x 5.65″ filters Safely

Revar Cine

If you don’t have a Peli full of filters and want to keep them safe, Revar has a solution with the Revar Cine Filter Cartridge. The case holds a single 4 x 5.65″ filter in a secure, easy-to-open hard Cartridge.

RC FC4565 2

The patent-pending custom box design features a rugged ABS shell that surrounds your filter, protecting it from the rigors of production. Small enough to slip into any camera bag, case, or jacket pocket, the Revar Cine filter box is an attractive dark grey with a matte finish.

RC FC4565 4

When stacked, the Filter Cartridge takes about half the space of a traditional fabric pouch, allowing two filters to fit in the space of one traditional pouch. It is ribbed with a special design to provide extra grip while handling and stacking.

RC FC4565 1

Quick access to your filter is near-instant. Simply unclip the end of the box, and you can slide out the filter in seconds. The angled top lid allows you to grab the filter without touching either side, greatly reducing the need to clean it after removing it from the case. The guide rails inside the case keep the front and back of the filter from touching either side of the case, greatly reducing the chances of scratching compared to a normal filter pouch. The Filter Cartridge can be disassembled for thorough cleaning if sand or other debris gets inside the case.

RC FC4565 3

Any standard 4mm 4 x 5.65″ filter will fit from companies including Formatt, Schneider, Tiffen, Revar Cine, and others. The ease and speed of operation will be especially appreciated by cinematographers shooting solo.
Small locator magnets in the corners aid alignment when putting two or more filter boxes together. Put the boxes in approximately the right position and the magnets snap them into perfect alignment.

RC FC4565 5

Multiple Filter Cartridges can be stacked for easy storage and transport.
These magnets are for positioning only and are not strong enough to secure boxes together when picked up. This is a deliberate design decision, as using magnets alone to hold boxes when carrying risks of a box becoming detached and falling from the stack. A stronger physical connection is needed for this, and Revar Cine provides an extra strong rubber security band that can be used to bundle multiple boxes together securely.

There are multiple labeling options to identify the filter inside the case, including separately available vinyl labels for ND and Diffusion. The top, bottom, sides, and grooves have slots for standard-width machine labels or gaffers tape.

The Revar Cine Filter Cartridge costs $44.95 US each and is available now from authorized dealers.

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