Innerspace Cases Shipping Case with Wheels for ARRI ALEXA Super 35 Review

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The InnerSpace Cases ARRI ALEXA 35 case is a nice solution for owner/operators and rental houses that stock the camera.

Choosing a case is never an easy task because everyone has different needs and requirements.

Who are InnerSpace cases?

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InnerSpace Cases has been around for more than 100 years and they offer very customized case solutions for a range of film and video equipment. They are based directly out of North Hollywood.

Each case they make is made to order and you can choose from nine standard colors or you can choose a custom color if you prefer.

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Customers can also choose from their choice of flip or twist steel riveted ATA-approved recessed latches. There are also options for a lid foam logo that is laser engraved, and engraved plates.

What cases are available for the ALEXA 35?

InnerSpace Cases currently makes four different options for the ALEXA 35. there is an ARRI ALEXA 35 PELICAN, Carry-On Case with Foam Insert for ARRI ALEXA Super 35 4K Camera, ARRI Super 35 case, and an ARRI Super 35 with wheels.

These four solutions cover a variety of needs. Both the ARRI Super 35 case and the ARRI Super 35 with wheels options are fully customizable.


Customization is a very important part of making a case. Not everyone has the same needs or tastes and you can’t just make a generic option and think that one size fits all. I learned this the hard way when I bought a Jason Cases solution for my ARRI Amira. The case was designed to take the camera with no additional accessories. The problem was, once I added the Ambient V-Slot that stays permanently on my camera it no longer fitted in the case and subsequentially the case has now been sitting empty on my shelf for the last 8 years.

Look, while there is nothing wrong with a case that just takes a basic camera body, most users want to be able to put accessories and their camera with optional components attached into a case.

If you need to fly with the camera and you want a specific hard case then InnerSpace cases do have the Carry-On Case with Foam Insert for ARRI ALEXA Super 35 4K Camera as I previously mentioned.

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What impressed me about the InnerSpace Cases is that you can fit a camera in a cage with its accessories without having to strip it down and then put additional components into another bag. As I previously mentioned, too often camera cases are designed so that once you attach a cage or other accessories they will no longer fit.

What InnerSpace cases do is that before they make a case for a particular camera model, they measure that camera with a wide array of available cages and accessories to come up with a solution so that all of them will fit.

This approach is very important for rental houses when they select cases for camera packages. If you are offering a camera package that comes with a variety of accessories, it is always nice if all of those key components can go in the same case.

Each case is made to order.


You can choose between nine standard colors, one for the case body and one for the lid stripe for your choice of either a solid-colored case or a color combination to complement your professional image. The colors shown above are examples only and are not guaranteed to be identical to production materials. A swatch of the most recent stock may be provided upon request.

Additional colors and options such as anodizing and powder coating are available upon request and may be subject to a minimum quantity or surcharge.


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You can choose between twist or flip locks.


If you want to go a step further you can have your company logo on the lid or have custom naming plates created.

Build Quality


If you are going to provide cases to rental houses they need to be built to last. Anything that is constantly going in and out of automobiles or planes can’t be flimsy or prone to breaking.


The InnerSpace Case for the ARRI ALEXA 35 is built like a tank. It was designed to take a lifetime of punishment and the case is going to certainly outlive your camera.

The attention to detail is very clear to see. The case itself is solidly constructed and all of the key edges are reinforced and protected.

The latches on the front of the case can be locked if need be.

In another nice touch, the laser cut-out foam in the camera cases is carpeted on the sides so it won’t break and tear the foam every time you pull your camera out.

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The retractable handle is excellent and when it is extended it is at a nice height for wheeling the case. The release mechanism is very robustly made and it is protected when the handle is retracted.

The wheels on the case are great. They are smooth and solid, and most importantly, they are not noisy on hard surfaces. That is what annoys me about the wheels on pelican cases, Everyone can hear you coming from a mile away.

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There is also a pre-configured compartment with replaceable anti-moisture desiccant to assist in preventing moisture buildup.

Size & Weight


I am not going to sugarcoat it, this case is large and it is heavy. If you want something that is robust and large enough to fit in a built-up camera and accessories then the trade-off is usually going to come with increased weight.


The ARRI Super 35 with wheels case weighs in at 12.9 kg / 28.43 lb. It has dimensions of 39 x 46 x 62.5 cm / 15.35 x 18.11 x 24.6″ (W x H x D).

If you wanted to check this case in on a plane you certainly could and you would have around 19kg of weight you could put inside it and still be under the maximum weight allowed.

Why did I choose this case?

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When I travel on an aircraft I actually strip my camera down and hand carry it in a small soft bag. I have been doing the same thing with all of the cameras I have owned for more than 20 years. This suits my particular needs well. However, for day-to-day use and when I am transporting the camera in a van or vehicle I wanted something a lot more robust and something that I could keep my camera when it was built up in.

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This is where the InnerSpaces cases solution made the most sense for my particular requirements. I wanted to be able to put my built-up camera, without a lens or battery in the case with a lot of the key accessories that I needed. Although, if you want to there is still enough space to put the camera in with certain-sized batteries. Because I am running the optional AEM-1 audio module, I don’t tend to leave a battery on the camera.

The other requirement was that it needed to have wheels and a sturdy handle because nobody wants to be carrying a heavy case around.

What do I keep in the case?

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I keep my camera in the case fully rigged up with the side plates, bottom plate, top handle, viewfinder, AEM-1, etc. attached.

I use the lid section for keeping key cables that I need.

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There is a section at the back for keeping my 15mm rods.

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In the pull-out box, I keep a microphone, my OCU-1 controller, and its connection cable, as well as the viewfinder cable.

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Below the removable pull-out box I keep my Vocas wooden handle, a tool, and a microphone holder.

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In the adjustable compartments on the right-hand side, I keep my CODEX Express cards and a card reader, as well as a cForce Mini motor and a monitor mount. There is also a space where I usually keep a couple of B-mount batteries.

I like having adjustable compartments so I can change things around depending on my requirements. Again, in. a nice touch, these are also carpeted so you don’t end up damaging the foam every time you pull something out.

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In the space next to where the retractable lid is, I keep my audio cables and a few other accessories.

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There is also another hidden compartment that I didn’t even realize was there for several weeks after I got the case. Here is where I keep a monitor.

Is there anything I would like to see improved?

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I don’t really have too many things that I would like to see changed or improved. My only small comment is that I would have liked to have seen a small net or something similar for the open area on the lid of the case. I like to keep a pouch there and it would be nice if there was something to keep it in place.

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I would have also liked to have seen a removable section with a pull-out tag where the smaller compartment at the back is. This is where I keep my low-profile shoulder mount, and while it fits in this compartment nicely, it is a little difficult to take out.

Price & Availability

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The Innerspace Cases Shipping Case with Wheels for ARRI ALEXA Super 35 4K Camera retails for $1,549.99 USD.

This is relatively expensive, however, when you are talking about offering protection for an $80,000 USD camera, it is a small price to pay to get a well-made, versatile, and customizable case for your camera. You wouldn’t park a Ferrari in the street and not in the garage, so conversely, you wouldn’t want to keep and transport your ALEXA 35 in a cheap bag or case.

While you can purchase the cases directly from B&H, if you want customization you need to buy directly from InnerSpace Cases.


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There are actually quite a lot of cases and bags available for the ALEXA 35. Below are just some of them and how much they cost:

Innerspace Cases Shipping Case with Wheels
for ARRI ALEXA Super 35 4K Camera
$1,549.99 USD
Innerspace Cases Shipping Case for
ARRI ALEXA Super 35 4K Camera
$1,449.99 USD
Innerspace Cases Carry-On Case
with Foam Insert for ARRI ALEXA Super 35 4K Camera
$699.99 USD
Innerspace Cases Case with Foam Insert for
ARRI ALEXA Super 35 4K Camera
$999.99 USD
ARRI Camera Case for ALEXA 35$750 USD
PortaBrace Wheeled Semi-Rigid Case for ARRI ALEXA 35$294.32 USD
Foama N960 Arri Alexa 35 Production Cage Studio Case$1,399 USD
Jason Cases Case for ARRI ALEXA 35 with Accessories$849 USD
PortaBrace Extra-Tall Rigid-Frame Carry Case
with Off-Road Wheels for ARRI ALEXA 35
$580.07 USD
PortaBrace Semi-Rigid Case for ARRI ALEXA 35
Rig & Accessories
$494.35 USD
PortaBrace Hard Shipping Case
with Dividers for ARRI ALEXA 35
$341.95 USD


The InnerSpace Cases ARRI ALEXA 35 case with wheels ticks most of the boxes I was looking for. It is built like a tank, and it is well thought out and designed. They have paid a lot of attention to detail which shows in the final product.

It allows me to keep my camera rigged up without a battery and a lens and there is space for most of the key accessories I need.

There is no such thing as a perfect case, but InnerSpace cases do let you customize your case to your needs and requirements.

This case would be an excellent option for any rental house that carries the ALEXA 35 and for owner/operators who need to load their camera up in vehicles and shift it around from location to location.

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