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ZHIYUN has announced the CRANE-M 3S and WEEBILL 3S gimbals. According to ZHIYUN, both gimbals were designed with portability, ease of use, creative control, and performance in mind.

While these gimbals look like pretty decent options, there seems to be a lack of innovation when it comes to gimbals in recent years. Maybe it is just me, but companies appear to be putting out new models that don’t differ that much from previous versions.


The CRANE-M 3S is the successor to the CRANE M3 and it was created specifically for users who do Vlogging, travel videos, and live streaming. It weighs in at 705 g and it features a higher load-bearing capacity so that mainstream full-frame cameras and lens combos can be used.

What annoys me is that ZHIYUN doesn’t list anywhere what the payload capacity of the CRANE-M3 S is. Above you can see what cameras they list as being compatible.

It can also be used with mobile phones, and action cameras. Its dimensions come in at 284.2 mm (w) x 74.5 mm (d) x 163.5 mm(h).

Key features

  • Ultra-Portable Design
  • Optimized Arm for Full-Frame Lenses
  • Improved Quick Release Camera System
  • 360° Pan, 305° Tilt, 314° Roll Rotation
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Shutter Control
  • Built-In 1000 Lux Fill Light
  • Adjustable Color Temperature
  • Creative Operation Modes, 7.5-Hr Runtime
  • 1.22″ Color Touchscreen, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
  • Built-In 1150mAh Battery, PD Fast Charge
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The gimbal features Bluetooth shutter functionality that enables wireless control of zoom and recording without the need for a cable connection.

The two-in-one quick-release system with plates for each camera model allows camera batteries to be changed without camera assembly or disassembly. According to ZHIYUN, once the gimbal is balanced, it won’t require rebalancing again.

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Power Delivery (PD) fast charging means that a full charge takes just two hours, and the maximum battery life is up to 7.5 hours.

The M 3S boasts a small built-in bi-color fill-light no bigger than a fingernail. Powered by ZHIYUN’s own Lumen Amplifier technology, the modular light enables stepless/temperature adjustment and is claimed to emit up to 1,000 lux brightness. It is Kelvin color temperature adjustable between 2,700K-5,500K.

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A 1.22” touchscreen features an all-new intuitive UI that offers easy adjustment of functions.

Price & Availability

The ZHIYUN CRANE-M3 S is now available for $299 USD.

A CRANE-M3 S 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Combo Kit is also available for $359 USD.


The ZHIYUN WEEBILL 3S weighs 1,054.8 g and has physical dimensions of 305 mm (w) x 210 mm (d) x 72.5 mm (h).

It is compatible with most DSLR and mirrorless cameras on the market as well as mainstream lenses.

Again, ZHIYUN doesn’t list a simple payload capacity. Above you can see what cameras are compatible with the WEEBILL 3S.

The tenth-generation algorithms feature customizable following and smooth curves based on common shooting scenarios and operating habits.

Key features

  • Optimized 2.5 Sling Structure
  • Integrated 1000 Lux Fill Light
  • Up to 11.5-Hour Runtime
  • 0.96″ Touchscreen, Bluetooth Shutter
  • Quick Release, Landscape/Portrait Switch
  • Tripod Extension
  • Control Wheel, Trigger Button
  • Various Control Cables for DSLR Cameras
  • Use with TransMount Image Transmission
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi for App Control

The WEEBILL 3S is compatible with ZHIYUN TRANSMOUNT accessories and the ZY Play App, including: TransMount Follow Focus/Zoom Units; TransMount Image Transmission System; TransMount Transmitter/Receiver; MasterEye Visual Controller VC100 and the ZY Play App features.

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An innovative Portrait Switch system allows the WEEBILL 3S to switch between the two modes on the quick-release module, saving time and without having to rebalance the gimbal.

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The gimbal features a revised sling design. Sling mode 2.5 allows for left and right tilt as well as center-of-gravity adjustments to the gimbal handle for improved low-angle shots. You can attach the separately available Extendable Sling Grip to shoot in sling mode or two-handed grip mode. The 1/4″-20 thread at the bottom of the gimbal supports the included tripod accessory.

The hand grip allows for fine-tuning of the wrist angle with a single knob. The extendable sling grip can be adjusted to a two-handed grip mode and allows for left and right tilt adjustments to the direction of the gimbal handle as well as the grip center of gravity, allowing for low-angle and sling mode shooting.

The WEEBILL 3S takes two hours to fully charge using PD fast-charging and offers up to 11.5 hours of non-stop shooting.

Like the CRANE-M 3S, the WEEBILL 3S comes with a 1000 lux light.

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The Bluetooth shutter control on the WEEBILL 3S allows you to wirelessly connect to most mainstream camera models and activate start/stop recording or trigger photo-taking.

The 0.96″ display screen has shortcuts for motion lapse, V mode, etc. The WEEBILL 3S’s control wheel supports the adjustment of parameters, focus motors, and the gimbal axes.

Price & Availability

The WEEBILL 3S is now available for $319 USD.

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