Deity S-95 Smart Battery & Deity DQC1 Quick Charger

The Deity S-95 smart battery and Deity DQC1 quick charger products offer a smart battery solution for sound mixers and filmmakers and when paired with the Deity SPD-1, they form a complete power ecosystem that can be used to provide smart power with telemetry data on set or on the go.

Andrew from Deity has put out a nice video that explains all about both products and how you can use them.

Deity S-95 smart battery

The S-95 is a smart battery and it can send its telemetry data to devices like the SPD-1 battery distro. This includes Telemetry data like:

•Cycle Count
•Cell Temperature
•Amp Draw
•Battery Capacity

It is a 95Wh battery with a 14.4V nominal voltage and an on-board LED battery meter.

The use of 2054-style smart batteries with sound gear has become increasingly popular in recent years. These batteries are designed to provide longer-lasting power while also offering advanced features such as overcharge protection and real-time monitoring of battery telemetry data. This makes them an ideal choice for sound professionals who need reliable and efficient power sources for their equipment.

The Deity S-95 smart battery retails for $169 USD.

Deity DQC1 quick charger

The Deity DQC1 quick charger features a USB-C input for charging the connected battery and supports up to 45 watts max. The charging module is housed inside a metal chassis. It also features a 4 LED charging meter, allowing you to monitor the progress of your battery’s charge.

USB-C Input Standards Supported:
•5V 3A
•9V 3A
•12V 3A
•15V 3A
•20V 2.25A

The Deity DQC1 quick charger retails for $68 USD.

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