iFootage Anglerfish PL1 80C RGBWW LED Panel Light

iFootage has quietly announced its new Anglerfish PL1 80C RGBWW LED Panel Light. This looks like a decent fixture with a lot of nice features at a very affordable price.

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The PL1 80C is an RGBWW 1×1 style panel that draws 100W.

It has physical dimensions of 351 x 318 x 71.5mm / 13.81″ x 12.51″ x 2.81″ and it weighs 2.6kg / 5.73 lb. The AC power adapter weighs an additional 465g / 1.02 lb.

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The fixture has a CCT range of 2700-10000K and an extended mode range of 1400-20000K.

The PL1 80C is claimed to be able to produce each RGB brightness and color vividness at maximum levels, with an output that is nearly double that of its closest competitors.

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Now, iFootage does publish a graphic that you can see above, but it doesn’t say what lights it is comparing the PL1 80C to, it just says ‘other brands’.

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According to iFootage, the PL1 80C’s advanced RGBWW technology combined with CIE standards allows for precise and accurate color reproduction.

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iFootage claims that the lights undergo 13 strict calibrations before shipping to ensure the highest quality, color accuracy, and consistency.

Smart Calibration

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The PL1 80C features a removable diffusion panel that allows users to switch between creating soft or hard lighting.

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Due to the semi-transparent and white nature of the diffusion panel, non-uniform light passing through can cause color deviation. To prevent this from happening, iFootage has integrated a sensor at the bottom of the panel. This sensor sends real-time data to the color engine and then an algorithm ensures color consistency regardless of what panel is being used.

TIR Technology

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iFootage is using a technology they are calling TIR. TIR technology achieves even light dispersion by rotating adjacent light groups by 90°. This prevents local color deviation caused by lights of the same color being in the same row or column, ensuring more complete color mixing between colors and overall color uniformity.

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By focusing the light emitted from the LED chips to a 45-degree angle instead of a 120-degree angle, the brightness can be increased threefold while maintaining the same power consumption. Essentially this is just a method where you are effectively lensing the LEDs. In Laymen’s terms, it is like putting a magnifying glass in front of the light source. This is not a new technology and we have seen numerous lighting companies using this exact type of method to create higher output. The light is claimed to be able to output 7200lx @1m /3.3′ using the 45-degree panel. This is a lot of output for a 1×1 panel that only draws 100W.

I am not sure how iFootage gets those figures as if we use the inverse square law, 1030lx @3m equates to 9270lx @1m /3.3′.

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iFootage offers two removable panels for the fixture so you can change the beam angle from 120 degrees to 45 degrees, or soften the light up.

How can you power it?

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The PL1 80C can be powered via AC, a v-mount battery using the integrated v-mount battery plate, or through a USB-C PD 100W power source.

Does it have a fan?

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Yes, it does. iFootage states that the light utilizes a brand-new dual-turbo fan design that has a lifespan of up to 70,000 hours at 40 degrees Celsius, which is said to be more than three times the lifespan of conventional fans. The intelligent temperature control includes three modes to choose from: intelligent mode, silent mode, and ultra-silent mode. The ultra-silent mode is claimed to only produce 28dB of noise. iFootage doesn’t state whether the output is limited when running in the Ultra-silent or Silent modes.

7 Operating Modes

The PL1 80C can be operated in 7 different modes.

Creative Lighting Effects

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There are 19 different types of lighting effects such as paparazzi, fireworks, lighting, strobe lights, welding lights, faulty bulbs, pulsing, and explosion

DMX Control?

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You can do DMX control via the USB-C input with a type-c adaptive cable.

iFootage Lumin App

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The iFootage Lumin app allows you to connect HL1 C4, SL1 series, PL1 series, and other fixtures, all under one platform. With just one app, you can control up to 220 lights at a distance of up to 60m/ 196.85′.

Preset Sync

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In a nice touch, iFootage has incorporated a way of syncing settings between multiple fixtures. With preset sync, you can easily keep your lighting settings consistent across multiple devices. You can do this using a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Scene Management

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iFootage Lumin also features a new project-based management system to help simplify switching between and managing multiple lighting scenes. By creating projects, users can quickly segment scenes and achieve precise control over different lighting combinations in different locations or within the same scene.

Lighting Diagram Mode

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The new Lighting Diagram mode allows you to import photos of your lighting scene from your album or capture them on-site, and then simply drag and drop the target lights from the left light list to their actual position.

Price & Availability

The PL1 80C reatils for $329 USD.


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