$300 Off SmallRig RC 350D 350B C LED Video Monolight

SmallRig Sale

SmallRig RC 350D and 350B C LED Video Monolight are on sale now with a $300 discount. The 350D with a discount retails for $499, and the 350B is $599.

SmallRig RC 350D 350B Key features

  • High transmittance “Dharma Shark” optical system efficiently produces high light output
  • Features a color temperature of 5600K and an output of 149,000 lux at 3.3″ when used with the included 55° reflector
  • High color fidelity with a CRI rating of 96+ and TLCI of 97+
  • Designed with videographers and vloggers in mind, the quiet cooling fan with intelligent temperature control produces just 28 dB at 3.3′
  • Standard Bowens S-mount for compatibility with widely available light modifiers
  • AC adapter included for wired use with a power outlet
  • Compact and portable design

The ‘AstralTech‘ Optical System is claimed to provide over 35% greater output than comparable competitors. It uses larger, higher-power LED chips, a custom-made high transmission (97%) multi-coated front glass element, and a COB bead design arrangement that allows even color mixing. The new shape is inspired by air vehicles, and the housing is made of metal + V-0 fire retardant material.

Screenshot 2022 11 25 at 5 30 11 PM
Screenshot 2022 11 25 at 5 22 55 PM

Portable with an extremely bright color output, this SmallRig RC 350D COB Daylight LED Video Monolight is suitable for both still and video work. Videographers, vloggers, and photographers with all experience levels will appreciate its build quality and flexibility. The 350D features a daylight-balanced color temperature output of 5600K for exterior and interior shoots and is easily powerful enough to be used as a key light for narrative productions or interviews.


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There are three ways to control the lights. You can use on-board controls with a full featured LCD display. You can also wirelessly control the fixtures up to 100m / 328ft away (2.4GHz) with the SmallGoGo app, or use the optional Control Panel.

Fan System

Screenshot 2022 11 25 at 5 23 55 PM

SmallRig says the lights utilize quiet, intelligent temperature control and cooling fans to improve heat dissipation. The lights are claimed to produce only 28~32dB of noise.

Screenshot 2022 11 25 at 5 23 39 PM

The design of the mounting bracket is claimed to prevent the head from tilting when loosened, avoiding damage.


Above, you can see how it works.

Sale Prices

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