MotoCrane Revolt– the world’s first open-source power solution for the DJI Ronin 2

MotoCrane has announced Revolt, which they are claiming is the world’s first open-source power solution for the DJI Ronin 2. MotoCrane worked out how to “crack the code” that is the digital handshake between the Ronin 2 and TB50 battery system which, up until now, has prevented integration with any third-party power source.

Owners and operators can now power their Ronin 2 (and even Ronin 4D, and Inspire 2) with Revolt and two new power converters (DC-3 and AC-3) which allow power to be sourced from nearly any voltage.

The Revolt is nearly identical to the size and weight of a DJI TB50 battery, but instead of containing LiPo battery cells, it contains an on-board logic processor which actively communicates with the Ronin 2 during operation.

Screenshot 2023 05 11 at 11 40 18 AM

The Revolt contains a common 3-pin XLR power input, making it directly compatible with a wide variety of 24V power sources like the Anton Bauer CINEVCLX, Block Batteries, Core SWX Renegade, etc.

Why would you need a product like Revolt?

In many applications the DJI Ronin 2 benefits from being connected to a larger capacity power source which minimizes or eliminates changing out the 2x 98Wh TB50 batteries every couple of hours. This is especially critical where the Ronin 2 operates as a true remote head on a crane/jib/cable cam, etc. and the operator may not have convenient access, or the luxury of stopping action to accommodate a battery swap.

DC-3 & AC-3 Powewr Supplies

revolt diagram

To complement the Revolt ecosystem, MotoCrane also announces two new power supplies, the DC-3 and AC-3 which convert common voltages such as 12V from a car battery or 120/240VAC wall power to 3-pin XLR for compatibility with Revolt.


This allows the Revolt ecosystem to be a one-stop-shop for providing power to the Ronin 2. Operation of Revolt is simple, plug and play, and requires no modification or special tools- just pop the Revolt in like a TB50, connect your power source and start shooting.

The Revolt, DC-3, and AC-3 are all constructed of 6061-T6 Aluminum for durability and years of use.

Price & Availability

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The Revolt ecosystem is now available for pre-order online at the MotoCrane website and the first units will start shipping in mid-July.

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The Revolt retails for $795 USD and the Revolt Pro Bundle is $2,498 USD.

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The Revolt AC-3 power adapter is $895 USD and the Revolt DC-3 Power Adapter is $695 USD.

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