RED Teases Komodo-X Cinema Camera

RED Teases Komodo X Cinema Camera

It looks like RED will have a new Komodo-X digital cinema camera announcement on May, 16th. The Komodo-X will fit in between the Komodo and Raptor cameras.

Scott Balkum had RED CEO Jarred Land on a live stream, and Jarred seemed to not have a problem leaking a lot of info about the new camera.

Jarred made it a point from the stream that the Komodo-X isn’t a replacement but a new camera with better audio and more—basically addressing what users wanted in the Komodo. The original Komodo was designed as a crash camera/ B-Cam, but users started configuring it as an A-cam, which got RED’s attention.

The camera will be longer in size to probably accommodate the new features. It also looks like it will have the same global shutter sensor or possibly a new version but it seems like the global shutter will be what RED will use for the Komodo-X.

The X has a locking RF Mount, a front right side record button, possibly but likely a top screen, possibly compatible with DSMC3 monitors now, and very likely CFexpress Type-B media. I’m sure many would like a V-Mount battery. The resolution and sensor will probably be 6K, S35. with higher frame rates than the Komodo. but this is all speculation. 

Jarred also showed a module that isn’t clear what it does but has a screen and a V-Mount. A few modules will be coming soon, possibly for both Komodo cameras. Jarred also stated a new EVF is in the works. Red has plans to show some new accessories at Cine Gear 2023 but not the EVF.

Lots of leaks from RED. Nice work from Scott Balkum, as well as
Carlos Quintero for breaking the news.

Pricing is unknown, but I will assume it will be around $8K to $10K, but probably under $10K. We will know all the details on May 16th.

It doesn’t come as a big surprise that RED is bringing out another camera that will potentially be priced below $10K. With the popularity of the Komodo, it makes a lot of sense to build on that platform.

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