Intelligence Briefing: Dr. Mike Seymour & AI in Film

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On the T-Stop Inn Podcast, Dr. Mike Seymour shares his insights into how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology will change the way that every department in film production works over the next two years.

If there is anyone who can talk about AI in filmmaking it’s Mike Seymour. This podcast is well worth the listen.

If the name Mike Seymour sounds familiar, it should. He is perhaps best known for his work as a writer, consultant, and educator with the websites fxguide and fxphd which explore technology in the film industry. These websites provide an important link between the film and VFX community and the researchers and innovators who constantly push the limits of technology.

Mike has a Ph.D. from Sydney University where he also did his Masters and his B Sc. in Pure Maths. His research is exploring using interactive Digital Humans in new forms of virtual production and especially HCI. In other words, he is looking at deploying realistic digital humans in new ways. This work has special relevance for brain injury and in related medical applications such as stroke survivors and those with memory issues. Mike’s research was awarded an EPIC Megagrant for this research. Face to Face communication is central to human experience and for many sections of the population, a digital human may prove a much better metaphor for computer-human interaction.

Mike aims to help take technology from the cutting-edge film industry and apply it in these new exciting areas such as UX. Mike is an Internationally respected researcher & expert in Digital Humans and Virtual Production. His background is in both visual effects and pure maths is a perfect fit for the coming modern age of AI-driven Visual Effects.

Mike has previously worked in film and TV R&D and in production, winning an AFI and being nominated for an Emmy Award. He has worked as a compositor, VFX supervisor, and second unit director on various TV shows and films. He was Chair of 2019 Real-Time Live in Brisbane.

Mike is a lecturer at Sydney University in Digital Innovation, Agile Project Management, and CX. Mike was awarded Early Career Researcher of the year (2021) at USYD Bus School. He was most recently awarded a SOAR Sydney University Award for 2021-2022. Mike is based in Sydney but has worked internationally, and was recently called “literally, the rocket scientist of virtual production.”

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