How to Adjust Your Sachtler flowtech Tripod

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I love my 75mm Sachtler Flowtech Tripod. It is hands down the best tripod I’ve owned, and I also added the 75mm Aktiv fluid head to get the full experience.
The ability to not have to grab the balancing knob under the head is fantastic. It’s always an awkward position for the arm and wrist.

While it is a great system, a little adjustment could be needed over time, like anything.
Sachtler has released three videos for do-it-yourself adjustment on the flowtech tripod.

Below is a playlist of three videos on checking, adjusting, and even repairing the legs and brakes on the flowtech. I also added each video separately if you need only one issue addressed.

This is the playlist. If you want to get to it quickly, it’s in the right corner, or you can scroll to the individual videos below.

How to check your flowtech tripod brake forces

To check the brake force on each leg, a scale is required that has a constant weight reading similar to a shipping scale. Some body weight scales don’t have this feature.

How to adjust your flowtech tripod brakes

Adjusting the brake on each leg is a simple process requiring a 2.5mm allen key to tighten the brake.

How to replace brake components on your flowtech tripod

If tightening the brake is still not holding the proper weight, a few components may need replacing. The good news is Sachtler has made it user repairable.
The two parts are listed below.

Upper Leg pad – Part # S2051-1055
Lower Leg pad – Part # S2051-1021

I hope these DIY how-to videos will help you get your flowtech tripod back in shape. Happy shooting!

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