SWIT Radiolux Wireless DMX

Radiolux 1

SWIT has announced its new Radiolux Wireless DMX system. This is being touted as a plug-and-play 48-channel wireless DMX with 24 sliders and PAGE A/B switching.

Radiolux 1

There is the RadioLux Wireless DMR 48-CH TX unit and a small-sized RX unit that can be plugged directly into a 48-channel RadioLux DMX console.

The system supports up to 512 DMX channels and it works in the 850-930MHz frequency range across 7 frequency channels. The claimed operating range is up to 500m / 1640′ (line of sight.)

Radiolux 2
Radiolux 3

I don’t currently have any information or pricing at this stage.

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