Fujifilm Fujinon DUVO 24-300 Announced

At NAB 2023 FUJIFILM has unveiled the latest development roadmap for the “Duvo” series of broadcast zoom lenses compatible with large image sensor cameras, which have become the mainstream in both the broadcast and the cinema industries. The DUVO 24-300 lens was shown however it’s still in development and ready or locked in with specifications

In March this year, Fujifilm released the FUJINON HZK25-1000mm (Duvo 25-1000) box-type broadcast zoom lens, also known as “Duvo Box”. The Duvo 25-1000 is known to produce a cinematic look due to its Super 35 size and pairs with S35 cameras that have a PL mount.

IMG 8075 2

The goal is to make the DUVO 24-300 come in under 3 kg and uses a standard PL mount 1.5x expander will also be available to convert the lens to full frame. The main goal of the DUVO series of lenses is to give a cinematic look to live productions.

A third DUVO zoom is coming and they state it will be a wider angle however no specific specifications were ready to be released at this time. The next zoom will be launched approximately six months after the launch of the DUVO 24-300 lens.

The DUVO 24-300 lens has an approximate release date in early 2024.

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