The VERTIGO lens turret is finally ready to make its debut after 4-years of prototype development by acclaimed documentary cinematographer Ian Kerr csc. We first saw a prototype of the lens turret back at NAB 2019.

A Kickstarter campaign to produce a limited number of advanced prototypes will run from June 2 to June 8. This modern take on the venerable lens turret was originally introduced as the MultiTurret at NAB 2019. 


The updated VERTIGO turret allows cinematographers to easily switch between up to three EF or PL lenses mounted onto select cinema cameras.  This makes it a good addition for documentary and factual filmmakers who need the flexibility of a zoom with the look, speed and compactness of a prime.  The VERTIGO will also add a number of improvements over the latest prototype. 

Ian has been rigorously testing the VERTIGO around the planet, determined to break it.  The VERTIGO has captured scenes on The Amazing Race (CBS), Modern Marvels (Discovery) and The Nature of Things (CBC) as well as several documentaries.  

Vertigo Turret 726

The first VERTIGO release will fit Sony FX9, Venice and FS7 MK2 cameras, but Kickstarter supporters will help decide the next compatible model (choices being Sony FX6, Arri, Red or Canon RF). 

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