Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital EW-DP Systems

At NAB 2023, Sennheiser launched its 5th generation of Evolution Wireless systems. The EW-DP is a fully digital UHF wireless microphone system with a new portable design with high-quality audio transmission.

The compact receiver helps even novice users easily set up their audio. The EW-DP EK receiver features an innovative magnetic stacking system and can be conveniently controlled remotely via the Smart Assist app.

Sennheiser designed the EW-DP to be intuitive and fast to set up and helps you to troubleshoot your system.

The series includes a bodypack transmitter for clip-on mics (EW-D SK), a handheld transmitter (EW-D SKM-S), and a plug-on transmitter (EW-DP SKP) that will launch in October. As part of the larger Evolution Wireless Digital family, EW-DP inherits features such as low latency of 1.9 ms and a wide 134 dB dynamic input range.

In October, a plug-on transmitter will be added to the series. With +48V phantom power on board, the EW-DP SKP will be able to turn any wired XLR microphone into wireless, such as an MKH 416 on a boom pole. In addition, the plug-on transmitter features a locking 3.5 mm mic input for lavaliers. The plug-on transmitter includes a micro SD card slot for 24-bit, 48 kHz on-board recording.

Three sets are available. The EW-DP ME 2 SET comes with a bodypack transmitter and the ME 2 omni-directional clip-on (lavalier) microphone, while the EW-DP ME 4 SET includes a cardioid clip-on microphone for noisier environments. The EW-DP 835 SET contains a handheld transmitter with cardioid MMD 835 dynamic microphone head.

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All sets come with a magnetic mounting plate kit, a BA 70 rechargeable battery, two standard AA batteries, a locking 3.5 mm TRS to 3.5 mm TRS cable, a locking 3.5 mm TRS to XLR cable, and a USB-C charging cable for the receiver.

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Price and Availability

The Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital EW-DP Systems are now available for preorder.

1681429642 1754632

Sennheiser EW-DP ME 2 SET Camera-Mount Digital Wireless Omni Lavalier Mic System $699

1681429642 1754641

Sennheiser EW-DP ENG SET Camera-Mount Digital Wireless Combo Microphone System $899

1681429642 1754638

Sennheiser EW-DP 835 SET Camera-Mount Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone System $699

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Sennheiser EW-DP SKP Digital Plug-On Wireless Transmitter/Recorder $349.

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