LumenArc Active Diffusion Frames

Back in 2011 at NAB, Chimera first showed a prototype of Active Diffusion, but the idea never got to market until now with a new company. LumenArc took it on and has usefully got it to market, plus they have a smaller 24×36″ version.

The concept is the same. The Lumen Arc Active Diffusion is an electronically adjustable light modifying system that was designed to simplify grip and lighting. it is a mid-sized diffusion frame that allows you to adjust the amount of diffusion electronically.

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The Active Diffusion allows you to dial in anywhere from 1/16 stop @ ~1% up to 1 1/2 stops @ 100%. Essentially the light transmission loss is 8% when the Active Diffusion is set to 1% and 21% when it is set at 100%. 1.5 stops is the current limitation for this type of technology. LumenArc states the diffusion is comparable to LEE Filters Opal Frost Diffusion Filter or Hampshire Frost diffusion.

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The LumenArc Active Diffusion is controlled with a hand-held controller with a V-Mount battery plate and a 10′ power cable with an additional 10′ cable that runs from the hand-held controller/power supply to the Active Diffusion panels. With a 98Wh battery, the Active Diffusion will run for up to 20 hours.

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Specifications 40×40″ LumenArc Active Diffusion

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LumenArc is in development of a 4×4′ and a 6×6″ butterfly Active Diffusion models.

Price & Availability

The 40 x 40 LumenArc Active Diffusion is now available to pre-order for
$3,299.99 USD. The 24 x 36 ACTIVE DIFFUSION PACKAGE is also available to pre-order for $1,899.99 USD.

Both are expected to start shipping by June 2023.

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