Godox Knowled P600Bi Hard & Flexible LED Panels

At NAB 2023, Godox was showing its new Knowled P600Bi Hard LED panel light and a new range of flexible LED panels.

Knowled P600Bi Hard

The Knowled P600Bi Hard LED panel light draws 700W which means that it has a ton of output for a light of this size. By utilizing LEDs that are housed inside small reflective mirrors the light is intensified, however, the beam angle is fairly tight.

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There is a LumenRadio chip built in for wireless DMX control and it also features DMX inputs . The light can be controlled via a Godox app through WiFi.

Godox also has quite a few light modifiers available, as well as brackets for mounting multiple fixtures together to create larger sources. There is an optional battery plate so the light can be powered by a couple of high-power draw V-mount batteries. Godox told us that the light will automatically detect the power input from whatever capacity V-mount batteries you are using and the the output will be reduced accordingly.

Godox didn’t have any pricing available, but I believe that it will retail for around $1,200 USD. It should be shipping within the next two months.

Flexible LED Panels

The Knowled F series Bi-color flexible panel lights come in quite a few sizes. You can get 2′ x 2′, 2′ x 4′, and 4′ x 4′. They are CCT adjustable from 2700K to 8500K.

The lights use a flexible, yet hard backing material so you can fold them in half. Each light also comes with a soft box and a grid.

Godox 828 1

Godox has also updated the mounting frame and mounting brackets.

The flexible panel lights come with an external power supply/controller that has two in-built V-mount battery plates.

There is currently;y no indication of pricing or availability.

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