DULENS MF60 Lens Projector

DULENS was showing its new MF60 Standard Lens Checker at NAB 2023. This looks like a cost-effective Lens Projector solution for rental houses, production houses, and even some owner/operators.

The lens projector is reasonably compact and according to DULENS it will cover an image circle of up to 65mm.

There are several brightness settings available so that you can adjust the projector depending on your requirements.

The lens projector is also handy if you have lenses where you are adding or removing shims because you can accurately adjust the back focus.

The lens projector has rod mounts so you can set it up with focus motors.

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Industry-standard lens projectors like the Chroziel P-TP7 II cost upwards of $25,000 USD, so it is nice to see more cost-effective solutions coming to market that will suit smaller rental houses, production houses, and even some owner/operators. While the DULENS MF60 may not offer some of the features and functionality of products like the Chroziel P-TP7 II, it looks to be a nice middle ground that will suit a lot of people’s needs.

Price & Availability

DULENS Lens Projector 687

The DULENS MF60 Lens Projector will retail for $4,600 USD and they are now taking pre-orders. It is expected to start shipping within the next two months.

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