Wooden Camera’s Elite System for the Sony VENICE 2 & Rialto 2 First Look at NAB 2023

Wooden Camera has released what looks to be some very well-thought-out and designed accessories for the Sony VENICE 2 and the Rialto 2. We caught up with them at NAB 2023 to take a closer look.

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These new lightweight and fully modular accessories were designed for maximum configurability and rapid transition between various camera modes.

Wooden Camera worked closely with cinematographers and camera assistants to come up with a very simple design philosophy, and that philosophy was to make the accessories disappear so you can focus on doing your job.

Wooden camera states that this new product series features both subtle and industry-first design advances for each element.

This new system looks to be a change in direction for Wooden Camera and the designs are quite different from previous accessories that the company has made.

Quick-release Top Plate

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Starting at the top, the quick-release Top Plate is the only solution on the market that utilizes the dovetail on top of the camera for secure tool-less attachment and quick-release transitions. I really like the concept of a dovetail top plate attachment because it makes a lot of sense.

It features an integrated hook-and-loop pad plus configurable mounting points for an Expansion Hook-and-Loop Plate, Expansion Cheese Plate, front and rear optically centered 15mm Rod Clamps and the modular Ultra Handle system. The Rialto 2 Top Plate acts as an extension of the VENICE 2 Top Plate and comes with its own optically centered Top Rod Bracket and Ultra Carry Handle.

ARCA Baseplate System

The ARCA Baseplate system is compatible with all standard bridgeplates. Its low profile drops the center of gravity as low as possible for optimal stability while allowing for easy quick-release and balance adjustments. Lens-centered front and rear 15mm Rod Clamps add stability and increased friction, giving users the ability to mount accessories to the back of the rig.

Pass-through access holes and integrated storage allow quick transitions to a Rialto 2 setup without removing the Baseplate or misplacing the screws. The ARCA Riser Plate works with both VENICE 2 and Rialto 2 Baseplates and features an intuitive wedge-clamp locking system with a wing thumbscrew for added security and comes with both ⅜-16 and ARRI bridgeplate hard-mounting points.

Faceplate Cage

The Faceplate Cage is the only accessory plate that attaches directly to the face of the Rialto 2 or VENICE 2 sensor block using native mounting points. It allows operators to create a quick-transition standalone rig for handheld or gimbal use. The Faceplate is expandable and includes reconfigurable swing-out tape hooks and a dedicated rod mounting point for lens control motors and EVF cable clips.

DLC-coated stainless steel rosettes and an optional lens-centered Rod Clamp let you create a standalone rig during handheld or gimbal use, if a baseplate is not used. Anything mounted to the Faceplate Cage will transfer over when converting to the Rialto 2 mode.

Ultra Handle Kits (Sony VENICE)

The Ultra Handle System is a modular, integrated system designed to adapt to any shooting style and camera build for the Sony VENICE, VENICE 2, and Rialto Extension. It comes with two lightweight, durable, non-slip 5” Handles with durable Bocote hardwood inserts for comfort, each with two pass-through holes for accessing the mounting bracket with the Hex Wrench while the handle is attached. It also includes a Front and Rear Upright, 3” Handle, 1” Extension, Right Angle Extension with Bocote hardwood insert, and a Hex Wrench. Lastly, this full system includes 24 color rings (six each in red, blue, green, and yellow) to place between components. This system integrates seamlessly with other Ultra Carry products and is compatible with all Wooden Camera, ARRI, and third-party accessories.

Included Items: 2 x Ultra Handle Extension (5″), Ultra Handle Extension (3″), Ultra Handle Extension (Right Angle), Ultra Handle Extension (1″), Ultra Handle Rear Upright (Sony VENICE), Ultra Handle Front Upright (Sony VENICE), Ultra Handle Color Rings Pack (6x Red, 6x Blue, 6x Green, 6x Yellow), 3/16″ T Handle Hex Wrench

Rialto 2 Top Plate

The Rialto 2 Top Plate is an extension of the VENICE 2 Top Plate, with the same optically- centered Top Rod Bracket and Ultra Carry Handle profile for effortless transitions while fully rigged.

ARCA Baseplate for Rialto 2

Lens-centered and fully integrated with the VENICE 2 Baseplate, Riser, Ultra Carry Handle, and Rods, the Rialto 2 Baseplate can easily detach and reattach while maintaining the same low-profile footprint and optical
center. Cutout design reduces weight without sacrificing strength.

D-Box Extension Bracket

The Extension Bracket allows the D-Box Sony Rialto Power Strip to be mounted onto the back of the Sony Rialto 2’s updated form factor.

Price & Availability

The Wooden Camera Elite System for the Sony VENICE 2 & Rialto 2 accessories are now available to order.

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