Vaxis Cine 8 Updates at NAB 2023

Vaxis has updated its flagship wireless directors monitor the Cine 8.

The Cine 8 has both an HDMNI and an SDI in, so a lot of users wanted the ability to be able to easily attach a second RX unit to view two cameras at once. So what Vaxis did was to design an updated battery plate so you can attach a Vaxis DG 3000 RX unit in a horizontal orientation.

Vaxis Cine 8 479

With the inbuilt RX and the second RX unit attached, you can view dual screen and various other picture-in-picture combinations. Vaxis is also working on a solution so that you can vertically turn the screen to get more real estate when viewing two sources simultaneously.

Vaxis has announced the Cine8 Wireless Monitor. The Cine8 is a 2560 x 1600 resolution, 1500nit touchscreen monitor with an integrated Vaxis wireless RX unit.


DSC 3897 01

The concept is very similar to the SmallHD 7″ Cine 7 On-Camera Monitor Kit with Bolt 4K Receiver and SmallHD Cine 7 500 SK RX Monitor. What Vaxis set out to do was to make a monitor that features an in-built wireless video RX unit.

DSC 3999

The whole philosophy behind the Cine8 is simplicity. By integrating everything you need into one compact solution you take away some of the pains of traditional wireless monitoring. You only need to power one device, don’t need to mount one product to another and you don’t need to run any cables. By keeping things simple, it allows filmmakers to spend more time actually creating, instead of worrying about equipment.

This is something SmallHD and Teradek have been doing for quite a long time and we are now also starting to see ‘budget’ options appearing from a range of other manufacturers,

Key features

  • 9-inch monitor
  • Self-developed Cine Touch OS
  • 2560 x 1600 resolution screen
  • 330PPI
  • 4K 6G SDI input and output
  • Split-screen capability
  • A/B camera monitoring
  • Auto Focus compensation algorithm
  • Auto Rotate functionality
  • Wide range of monitoring tools
  • Shortcut import for custom 3D LUTs
  • Built-in antenna and external antennas
  • NP-F, V-Lock, AB Gold Mount battery options(9-15V)
  • Compatible with Vaxis Storm series transmitters
  • 500ft range

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