SWIT Volta Modular Cine Floor Battery

SWIT has announced its new Volta Modular Cine Floor Batteries. These look like a very innovative and clever solution for powering high-draw lights and cameras on set.

What is nice is that they feature a modular design concept so you stack up batteries to create larger power sources.

SWIT Volta Modular Cine Floor Battery 605

The Volta Modular Cine Floor Battery system consists of a battery or batteries that are then stacked to the power output/input module.

There is an AC and a DC version depending on your needs.


The Volta Modular Cine Floor Batteries have a 1600Wh capacity and they have the ability to output 12V/24V/48V and even 110V or 240V AC power.

Below is what it can output:

  • Up to 1500W of 110V or 240V AC power
  • Up to 1200W of 48V DC power
  • Up to 360W of 24V DC power

They also feature two USB-C 65W outputs and two D-taps.

The Volta batteries can be charged via a 100-240V AC input or via Solar 45V 200W input.

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