Sony Releases New Accessories for the Airpeak S1 Drone

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Sony has released three new accessories for its Airpeak S1 drone. The LBP-HM1 Enhanced Battery extends flight times and the payload management can be changed with the new PX1 Gremsy Gimbal. In addition, you can now do centimeter-level precision mapping with the Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Kit.

The LBP-HM1 Enhanced Battery increases power capacity to 3938 mAh, compared to the 2518 mAh of the standard LBP-HS1 battery.

This means that flight times can now be extended from 22 minutes up to 30 minutes.

PX1 Gremsy Gimbal
PX1 Gremsy Gimbal

The PX1 features lightweight construction, an open port design, and a simple, quick-release mechanism for easy gimbal attachment and removal.

The open port design gives you access to both the payload’s battery and memory card without having to remove the camera from the gimbal.

RTK Kit for Airpeak
RTK Kit for Airpeak

The Airpeak was primarily designed for professional filmmaking but Sony is now pushing it into being an option for high-end industrial work as well with the release of the Real Time Kinematic (RTK) kit. The primary kit components consist of a base station antenna and dual antennas for the Airpeak S1. GNSS-based satellite signals flow through the base station, the Airpeak remote, and up to the drone itself for precise, centimeter-level positioning. The drone antennas can also take advantage of direct, land-based GNSS correction services.

The increased functionality that the RTK kit adds to the Airpeak S1 is very usuful for industrial inspections, construction, 3D modeling, and surveying applications. In automated and manual flights, the RTK kit is claimed to add increased stability in flight and hovering.

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