Deity announces THEOS DBTX & D2RX wireless audio system

Deity has Deity announced the DBTX and D2RX wireless audio system. The Deity Theos Digital Wireless Microphone System use of a wideband UHF spectrum rather than the crowded 2.4Ghz band. Frequencies span between 550-960 MHz. Theos Digital Wireless also features swappable frequency ranges based on your phone’s GPS / Firmware Update. This means you can travel the world with one wireless microphone kit.

The Deity Theos System features a transmitter with a built-in recorder. The onboard recorder has both 24-bit and 32-bit float formats. 32-bit is incredibly handy as you can’t over-modulate the audio so you never have to worry about gain staging on your backup WAV files. Recordings are saved to a Micro SD card, up to 128Gb in size.

The built-in recorder features EIN self-noise of -130dBu (A-weighting, gain at +30dB, 150ohm source impedance). Deity states this puts it on par with some of the most expensive audio recorders in the film industry.

Key features

  • Dual Channel Receiver
  • Wideband Digital UHF spectrum; 550-960 MHz*
  • Built-in 32-bit float recorder in the transmitter
  • Recordings are saved to a Micro SD card; up to 128Gb
  • Can wirelessly sync timecode from the Deity TC-1 timecode generator
  • Both the transmitter and receiver can be remotely controlled via the Sidus Audio™ app
  • Up to 14hrs of battery life with lithium batteries
  • Full-color LCD screen
  • CNC-milled aluminum chassis
  • SMA antenna ports

The Theos’ transmitter can be natively synced wirelessly from the Deity TC-1 timecode generator. Timecode ensures your backup WAV files will sync with your master file in post. This feature is useful for filmmakers who need to work with multiple cameras or devices. Alternatively, the DBTX can be synced via the 3.5mm jack if you are using 3rd party timecode generators.

Both the DBTX and D2RX are made out of 2 blocks of CNC milled Aluminum. The result is a transmitter that only weighs 100 grams (3.5 oz.)

Theos Digital Wireless is capable of getting up to 14hrs of battery life when paired with the 3000mAh Deity AA battery.

The D2RX and DBTX are able to be externally powered via their USB-C ports.

Remote Control with SIDUS AUDIO APP

The app allows you to perform frequency scanning and frequency assignment, frequency coordination between multiple receivers, gain staging, and remote triggering of the backup recorder. This means you can make adjustments to your audio settings without having to physically touch the device, making it easier to work with when you’re on set.

The remote control feature is especially useful for filmmakers who need to work with multiple devices or those who need to make adjustments to their audio settings quickly. It saves time, and it ensures that you never miss a critical moment on set.

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