Vaxis Opencom V1 Duplex Headsets

At NAB 2023 Vaxis was showing a prototype of its upcoming Opencom V1 Duplex Headsets.

Vaxis has taken a different approach from other companies making similar products and come up with their own design.

Vaxis Headset 404

The headsets sit over both ears and to minimize the size and footprint they separated the headset from the transceiver unit.

The headset communicates to the transceiver unit via Bluetooth. They were designed as an alternative to traditional duplex headsets that can get hot and uncomfortable to wear and tend to fall off your head when you lean forward.

The small footprint and weight make them look like a good solution for camera operators, producers, directors, etc. One thing we did note was that the microphone on the prototype was on the right-hand side and not the left. Vaxis is looking into changing this. The material that was being used on the prototype will be improved and refined prior to launch.

Vaxis Headset 414

The transceiver box clips onto your belt or pants. It has a range of around 15-20 meters with the headset.

The Opencom V1 Duplex Headsets have a battery life of around 16 hours and an operating range 1000′ / 304.8 m.

The transceiver box utilizes the same type of batteries that are used in GoPros. The headsets charge up via USB-C.

The Vaxis Opencom V1 Duplex Headsets will be available in sets of 4 or 8, but you can link up to 16 together using an optional hub.

Price & Availability

We don’t have any indication about availability, but Vaxis told us that an 8-set kit would probably be around $3,000 USD.

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