DZOFilm Servo Cine Zooms at NAB 2023

At NAB 2023 DZOFilm were showing one of their new prototype Servo Cine Zooms. DZO looks to be following in the footsteps of Canon and Fujinon, by announcing cine servo zooms for S35 lenses.

DZOFilm Servo Cine Zooms 212

The two new Servo Cine Zooms will be the Catta 18-90mm T2.8 and a new 65-280mm T2.8-3.5. The 65-280mm T2.8-3.5 sounds like an interesting focal length, but it is bound to be a large and heavy lens, even though it will only cover S35-sized sensors.

DZOFilm looks like they are at least exploring the broadcast market and trying to get their lenses into the hands of an even more diverse group of users.

DZOFilm Servo Cine Zooms 217

The servo zoom motors are made by Movcam which is no stranger to making similar products. You may well remember that Movcam made detachable servo grips for the Angenieux EZ zooms.

The lenses will be able to be operated by traditional Fujinon or Canon zoom controllers.

DZOFilm Servo Cine Zooms 222

If you already own a Catta 18-90mm T2.8 you can also purchase the servo separately.

There is currently no indication about pricing or availability. They did say they will be starting to manufacture them in June.

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