RigWheels PTZ Camera Vibration Isolator / Damper

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Rigwheels has announced its new PTZ Camera Vibration Isolator / Damper.

The RigWheels PTZ camera vibration isolator was made to specifically improve image quality for fixed installations in theaters, concert venues, houses of worship, classrooms, factories with machine vibration, and other similar locations.

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RigWheels PTZ camera vibration isolator is capable of reducing vibrations from various sources, including loudspeakers, machinery, foot traffic and other problematic sources.

The vibration isolator concept was originally designed for RigHheels Cloud Mount Slingshot which is a vehicle mounting solution for 3-axis camera gimbals. Since the Cloud Mount Slingshot was released many customers have modified/adapted the original Slingshot setup and found that this method is ideal for vibration isolation for installations.

Low Frequency Vibration Isolator

For a PTZ or fixed camera installation, this system is claimed to provide excellent isolation because all of the load can be placed directly on the elastic vibration-isolating components. For vehicle mounting the cables in the system provide structure so the mount doesn’t bounce around erratically. For installations, the cables used are present for two purposes, 1) security in the event that the elastic tubes fail over time. 2) To prevent “pancaking”. When larger cameras pan left/right quickly, there needs to be some structure in the mount so the inertia doesn’t create a lateral/twisting swinging effect.

Every installation is different so are several options for how you can mount a PTZ camera with this solution however, there are two primary methods.

From Above

Directly to a ceiling or to a pipe/tube/truss using our Universal Pipe Clamps.

From the side

PTZ pole-pipe-tube mount

Directly to a wall or to a pipe/tube/truss using Rigwheels Universal Pipe Clamps.

Both overhead and wall-mounted positions can also be used with Rigwheels high power RigMount Magnets for applications such as mounting to an overhead I-Beam or warehouse speed-racks.

magnetic ptz camera mount

The PTZ camera vibration isolator is made in the USA and constructed with high-quality materials, including machined 6061 aluminum mounting plates and high-quality elastic dampening elements. It is designed to be easy to install, allowing you to quickly set up and start using your camera without any additional hassle.

With its versatile design, the PTZ camera vibration isolator can accommodate a wide range of cameras, making it a perfect addition to your existing equipment. The elastic isolation components are cut-to-length corresponding to the weight of the camera being attached to the mount to provide the best isolation possible.  Whether you’re recording a concert, capturing footage of a religious service, or conducting any other kind of fixed installation video recording with PTZ camera or remote heads, this mount is a must-have for capturing high-quality footage that’s free from distracting vibrations.

Above is a very quick sample of the results of a camera hard-mounted to a loudspeaker with and without the vibration isolator. The lens was at 90mm.

Price & Availability

The RigWheels PTZ Camera Vibration Isolator / Damper retails for $650 USD and various other configurations can also be purchased.

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