Teradek Data Cellular Plan Service for Broadcasters


Data is Teradek’s new cellular data plan service for broadcasters and content creators. According to Teradek, there is no throttling, no data caps, and it offers full compatibility with carriers worldwide. Data also provides Tier 1 support for premium bandwidth priority in North America.

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Teradek Data can be used with any application that requires a data SIM, including third party modems, smart devices, and other bonding solutions. Streaming at an average of 4 Mbps will use about 1.8 GB/per hour. Usage for a 2-hour event with setup time will run about 4 GBs.

Teradek Data works on a shared data system. You have one data bucket that all of the SIMs on your account share. Buckets last 12 months and can be stacked. For a full list of plan pricing, please contact sales.

What devices are supported? Teradek Node II compatible devices, including Prism Mobile, Prism Flex, Bond Backpack, and Vidiu Go. Other devices that support Bearer Independent Protocol (BIP) are also supported. Multi-carrier switching is supported on Prism, Vidiu Go, Cube 7XX and Bond 7XX with Node II.

What Services Are Available?

Teradek Data has many services available depending on budget, use cases, and mission.


Teradek Data is a business-class eSIM implementation allowing your SIM to be configurable to virtually any country worldwide. In this class of data, there are several choices:

Native Carrier Implementation
Unlike MVNO implementations, Teradek Data Sims can become carrier sims offering business-class service to U.S. carriers for now.

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • Canada and Euro, LATAM, and APAC countries coming soon.

Worldwide Multi-Carrier Sim Cards

With the same sim cards, Teradek can offer a multi-carrier experience allowing Prism device to lock onto the carrier you choose on the fly. This means that in Portugal, you can lock onto MEO, NOS, or Vodafone using the same sim.

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Teradek Data can be configured to multiple countries per sim on custom profiles for larger custom projects.

Supported Multi-Carrier Countries
Based on usage, Teradek has made custom multi-carrier plans for most of its popular locations.

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Tier 1 data is a premium private network priority implementation on certain carriers. This means that in crowded areas, we can provide priority data (just below first responder) to put you on top of congestion. This list will be expanded as agreements are made.

US Carriers

  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • AT&T
  • US Cellular
  • Canadian Carriers
  • Rogers
  • Bell
  • European, LATAM, and APAC carriers coming soon

Teradek’s latest 5G modem and CBRS-capable modems will also be on display at NAB.

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