ARwall ARFX StudioBox

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ARwall ARFX StudioBox is a turnkey solution designed to enable professional filmmakers and solo creators to get started in Virtual Production.

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ARFX StudioBox and the ARFX App are the results of a seven-year development process. ARFX StudioBox and the ARFX App seamlessly integrate with smart devices (currently iOS, Android is coming soon) without the need for costly, additional tracking hardware. This allows creators to use their existing mobile devices, with TVs or projectors as backdrops, to create in-camera XR illusions that previously took professional experience and gear to achieve. While this is certainly not going to replace a large volume, it does bring the same type of technology to a far bigger user base.

ARwall launches Studiobox 2

ARFX StudioBox consolidates every piece of the Virtual Production puzzle into one place, enabling filmmakers to customize their color, lighting, and camera settings in just a few minutes. You don’t need any in-depth coding, game engine, or 3D design experience. Instead, creators choose from a marketplace of professionally designed and lit scenes integrated into the app, with curated backdrop vistas, a powerful color lab, and many unique filmmaking cheat tools. According to ARwall, it’s like having an entire studio’s backlot available for filmmakers to shoot on. 

The ARFX product ecosystem is a result of over 100 Virtual Production deployments by the ARwall team, most notably for Nightflyers (2018, NBCUniversal / Netflix) and the Emmy-winning Muppets Haunted Mansion (2021, Disney / The Muppet Studio), for which ARwall served as the Virtual Production effects department. In 2020, ARwall launched the first prosumer-focused line of Virtual Production tools and software, and has since enjoyed a close relationship with independent creators around the world. 

Canon ARFX Lens demos with its C300 Mark III & C500 Mark II cameras

ARwall ARFX Lens

Canon will host hands-on ARFX Lens demos with its C300 Mark III and C500 Mark II cameras. Guests will have the opportunity to experiment with this plug-and-play integration that requires no gears, no lens mapping, no calibration, and no physical lens encoding.

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The new ARFX Comp Pro Plugin for UE5 receives lens data directly from the lens serial port, a proprietary innovation of Canon and ARwall. Currently, the solution supports the Canon 18-80mm EF 5-Pin Modified and the Canon 17-120 EF/PL lenses. 

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