Kelvin Epos 300 30% off

Kelvin Epos 300 Newsshooter

The Kelvin Epos 300 starts officially shipping at the end of April, and for a limited time, you can pre-order it for $1,749 USD which is a saving of $750 USD (30%). This deal is available now until the 30th of April from authorized Kelvin dealers in USA and Canada and the Kelvin Store. Similar offers are available in Europe and the UK.

Epos 300 red dot

The Kelvin Epos 300 Full RGB LED Light is the first fixture in a new line of products that are being designed to push the boundaries of cinema lighting. It recently won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award and it’s not hard to see why. Aesthetically it is a beautiful light.

Encased in 6mm thick aluminum plates, the Kelvin Epos 300 is a full color spectrum 300W LED COB studio light, engineered, and handmade in Norway. It is said to be designed and built without compromise and it comes with a 3-year warranty.

The light has a very industrial edge to it which I personally like. It does look a little bit like a Prolycht 300FS with the build quality of an ARRI Orbiter.

The Kelvin Epos 300 Full RGB light is claimed to have best-in-
class LUX output per watt, as well as offering seamless and intuitive control of the light via the Kelvin Narrator Bluetooth app, DMX, or Lumen Radio Skynode (included in the box).

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The light utilizes Kelvin’s sophisticated 6-channel RGBACL light engine Cantastoria, which produces a full spectrum of colors within the 2,000 – 20,000K range.

The Kelvin Epos 300 is compatible with a Bowens mount and it can be powered by 2x V-Mount Batteries or an AC power supply.

The total weight of the Kelvin Epos 300 is 8.06 kg / 17.4 lbs. Here are the individual weights of the various components:

  • Power supply/controller 3.28 kg
  • Lamp Head 3.46kg
  • Yoke frame 1.32kg

Who is Kelvin?

Kelvin is a new lighting brand developed by LED technology company Rift Labs from Scandinavia. Rift Labs has been manufacturing award-winning cinema lighting fixtures and lighting software for the global video and photography market in video and photo since 2010 and they have sold more than 50,000 products.

The headquarter of Kelvin is located in Oslo, Norway with offices in Berlin and they will soon open an office in New York.

Partnership with DoPchoice


The Kelvin fixtures are built by hand in Norway, and the meticulous attention to detail needed to be matched by the accessories as well. This is why they have partnered up with DoPchoice.


A range of DoPchoice lighting modifiers is now available including the: Rabbit- Rounder adaptor which quickly mounts an assortment of Snapbag softboxes, including DoPchoice’s trademark rectangular Snapbags in medium and small sizes, 3’ and 5’ Octas, and Medium and Large Domes (Lanterns). For more directional light there are also Snapgrids which swiftly affix to the front of round and rectangular Snapbags (not Domes) for even more control.

The accessories made for the Epos Series all come with a Bowen’s mount and are available for purchase via the Kelvin website and selected resellers across the globe.

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