Exascend Explorer Portable SSD

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The Exascend Explorer Portable SSD is inspired by and purpose-built for backing up and storing material in the field regardless of the conditions.

If you haven’t heard of Exascend before they make very impressive CFexpress cards and other forms of media.

The drives casing is made out of IP67-rated alloy which allows it to withstand impact, water, and dust. Conformal coating also protects the entire Exascend SSD against environmental threats by applying a water and particle-resistant coating to the printed circuit board and all embedded components.

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Most of Exascend’s storage products are available in IP67-compliant configurations, providing ample protection against moisture and contaminants. The IP67-rating combines the highest level of dust protection in the Ingress Protection Code (IP Code) with a high level of water resistance. That adds up to an extremely durable design that remains fully functional in rugged environments and even when submerged in water for extended periods.

The drives also utilize RAID ECC which is an advanced Exascend technology that combines the power of RAID with NAND flash block granularity, allowing the storage device to rebuild even if it has severely corrupted data. Another technology called SuperCruise optimizes write performance for stability, ensuring what the company claims is unbeatable stable write performance even in the most demanding applications.

The drives also come with a 5-year warranty and what the company describes as an industry-best factory data recovery service.

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The Explorer Portable SSDs are available in the following capacities:

  • 1TB
  • 2TB
  • 4TB
  • 8TB

The Exascend Explorer Portable SSDs are bus-powered and they feature a USB Type-C connector. They are claimed to have read and write speeds of up to 2,000MB/s.

Full Specifications

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I couldn’t find any information about pricing.

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