Accsoon SeeMo iOS HDMI adapter integration with Switcher Studio live switching iOS app

Accsoon has announced integration between its SeeMo iOS HDMI adapter and the Switcher Studio live switching iOS app. What this integration means, is that almost any HDMI camera, games console, or playback device can be used as an input into Switcher Studio alongside iPhones and iPads.

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The SeeMo / Switcher Studio combination now gives users the ability to compete with far more expensive systems at a way lower entry cost.

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If you are not familiar with Switcher Studio, it is an iOS-based live multi-camera switching solution, able to use multiple iPhones and iPads as sources and seamlessly switch between them. By connecting an HDMI camera or source to Switcher Studio using the Accsoon SeeM0 up to nine iOS devices can be connected and edited live.

In addition to seamless switching between the different camera angles you can also add logos, text graphics, branded full-screen layouts, prerecorded audio and video clips and scoreboards. Users can even import their own multimedia assets like B-Roll.

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Streaming your live output is as easy as connecting to your chosen platform from within the app and pressing the ‘Go Live’ button. Switcher Studio has seamless direct integrations with most major platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook Reels and Microsoft Stream, and can even be used to stream to a brand website with the embeddable Switcher Player. You can also upload recorded videos, select your offline display, and even turn a website into a library of content by curating video playlists.

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The Accsoon SeeMo and Switcher Studio combination looks to be a good solution for creator studios as well as all sorts of broadcasts like sporting events, conferences, services from houses of worship, education, live music performances and Esports.

Switcher Studio users can gain this functionality with a free update (v9.0.0) available on the app store immediately.

You will be able to see the SeeMo + Switcher Studio working at NAB 2023, at Accsoon’s booth (C7440).

This is just the first of many integrations from Accsoon that will place the SeeMo + iPhones and iPads at the heart of modern productions.

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