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The RED DIGITAL CINEMA Connect Module Pack for V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL allows you to stream directly from your camera.

This turnkey hardware kit includes a compact module that installs onto the battery plate of the V-RAPTOR XL using a V-lock mount. You then need to insert a connector into the CFexpress slot to create a high-speed data connection via fiber optic cable for live streaming, remote recording, PTP sync, and other capabilities.

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You can record up to 8K directly to a networked device while simultaneously broadcasting a live stream in whatever resolution you choose.

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The device also requires the purchase of a separate license to enable live streaming from the V-RAPTOR XL.

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Key features

  • Stream Video Directly from V-RAPTOR XL
  • High-Speed Data Connection
  • Connects to Camera via CFexpress Slot
  • Requires Separate License Purchase
  • Stream up to 8K120 & 4K240 R3D Video
  • Stream cinema quality R3D data to any networked destination with ease
  • Synchronize multiple cameras and other devices using PTP synchronization (SMPTE ST 2059-2) commonly seen in next-generation IP-based infrastructures.
  • Integrated directly with NVIDIA professional GPUs and Rivermax to support SMPTE ST 2110 video workflows, integration with AI libraries, and more
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The Connect module allows you to output your video via a 10Gb single-mode optical fiber connector. It supports live streaming of up to 8K120 and 4K240 R3D video as well as genlock and PTP timecode sync between cameras. The module features a cable clamp to protect your fiber cables, and it requires DC input for powering both the module and the camera.

This does look like a very streamlined solution for the RED V-RAPTOR & V-RAPTOR XL. It fits nicely onto the body of the camera, unlike a lot of other solutions we have seen which look like giant boxes.

We have seen Sony and ARRI both introduce similar live solutions in the past. It is unlikely that RED is making this solution itself as normally turnkey hardware kits are made by third parties for camera manufacturers.

What do you need to do all of this?

  • V-RAPTOR or V-RAPTOR XL with RED Connect license
  • RED Connect module
  • LC duplex single-mode fiber
  • 10G Base-T or faster network switch (optional, must support 10 Gb/s connections)
  • Camera Control Unit (CCU) with RED Connect app (included with the purchase of the RED Connect license)
  • CCU Design
  • The CCU must handle the bandwidth of the incoming data stream and have GPUS/DPUS/FPGAS capable of decompressing and debayering the R3D data with minimal latency. The RED Connect app is a service that runs in the background to accept and finalize the R3D.
  • GPU-Driven CCU Reference Design for Compatible Workstation
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3955WX 3.9 GHz 16 Core
  • RAM: 128GB DDR4-3200 REG ECC (8X16GB)
  • GPU: EITHER 1X RTX 6000 ADA OR 2X A6000

Price & Availability

The RED DIGITAL CINEMA Connect Module Pack for V-RAPTOR XL is now available to pre-order for $14,995 USD.

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