PortKeys MT22DS 21.5″ Dual Screen Cinema Production Monitor

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PortKeys has teased its new MT22DS 21.5″ 1920 x 1080 Dual Screen Cinema Production Monitor.

The monitor is a follow-up to the original MT22. It features a 21.5″ 1920 x 1080 display that has a claimed brightness of 1000nits and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. It covers 100% of Rec.709 and it features both SDI and HDMI In/Out ports.

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The dual-screen capabilities allow you to set up the monitor to display two images in various different frame sizes depending on your requirements.

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The monitor has two SDI inputs, an SDI output, an HDMI input and output, two +48V XLR inputs, two 12-24V DC inputs, a USB-A, and a headphone output jack. There is also ab optional Vesa mount available.

In another nice touch, the MT22DS allows you to directly attach certain wireless video receivers directly to either N-PF or V-mount battery plates.

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Another feature is that you can capture JPEG images and then overlay them in real-time to compare frames which is handy if you need to do repeat set-ups.

MT22DS 1

According to PortKeys, the monitors are pre-calibrated using the X-rite 709 color gamut before they are shipped.

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The casing of the monitor is made from CNC-machined aluminum alloy and it weighs in at 5.8kg and it draws 60W of power.


Price & Availability

I don’t have any indication yet of pricing or availability as this monitor won’t be officially announced till NAB.

It looks like an interesting monitor and if it is competitively priced, which I am sure it will be, it might make for a nice alternative to more expensive offerings.

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