Deity Releases TC-SL1 Screen Protector for Timecode Slate

After the release of the TC-SL1, users wanted a screen protector to protect their investment, and Deity listened.

The TC-SL1 Screen Protector is designed to protect the dry-erase area of the timecode slate from damage caused by the possible use of a Sharpie marker and adhesives left from tape. It is made of a 3H hardness, scratch-resistant material that offers excellent protection.

Anti-Bubble & High Light Transmittance

Screen Shot 2023 03 30 at 1 22 21 PM

The Screen Protector comes with an anti-bubble adhesive feature when it is being applied. This ensures that the screen protector is easy to install without bubbles or gaps between the screen protector and the timecode slate. The light transmittance through the clear screen protector is 90%, ensuring that the timecode slate backlight remains easy with the screen protector applied.

Anti-Reflective Finish

Screen Shot 2023 03 30 at 1 22 37 PM

The dry-erase area of the timecode slate still maintains an anti-reflective finish so the timecode slate stays easy to read on camera, even in bright sunlight or harsh lighting conditions.


ScreenProtector 3 984x

The TC-SL1 Screen Protector includes three screen protectors and retails for $19 and is available Direct from your favorite retailer.

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