ARRI Hi-5 SUP 2.0

ARRI has announced Hi-5 SUP 2.0. This is the most significant update since the introduction of the Hi-5 back in July 2021. SUP 2.0 introduces 10 major new features and many other smaller updates, improvements, and bug fixes.

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Highlights for SUP 2.0 include a frequency analyzer, a new predictive lens mapping workflow, and a customizable home screen featuring nine user buttons.

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Frequency Analyzer

The Frequency Analyzer helps users select a radio channel when using the RF-EMIP Radio Module. This new frequency analyzer function of the Hi-5 gives users visual feedback about the level of traffic across the 2.4 GHz frequency spectrum. It also allows users to navigate through the available radio channels and choose one with the lowest level of interference, helping to improve connection strength. The Hi-5 can also be used as a “wireless sniffer” by walking around the set with the frequency analyzer activated, providing a useful tool for discovering devices that may be operating out of specification.

User Button Home Screen

The User Button Home Screen is for creating custom layouts. This new fourth home page for the Hi-5 allows users to customize the six front-facing shortcut buttons to their liking. Camera functions, Hi-5 functions, distance-measuring device functions, and menu shortcuts can all be assigned, bringing the total number of custom buttons to 9. Home page user buttons can be renamed, and the new shortcut of FUNC + UB allows user buttons to be remapped on the fly.

Predictive Lens Mapping

Predictive Lens Mapping is built directly on ARRI’s knowledge as a lens manufacturer. The Hi-5 will now suggest distance markings to users while creating a custom lens file. Previously, the next lens marking had to be manually set via the force-pad, regardless of the rotation of the focus knob. Now, suggested focus distances will change based on how far the knob has been rotated. This improvement eliminates the need to input the correct focus distance in most situations, significantly reducing the number of user inputs and greatly speeding up the process.

Lens File Browser

A new lens file browser enhances the ability of users to manage multiple sets of lens files at once. Like the behavior of a traditional PC-style file explorer, the file browser allows for folder creation and organization, as well as lens file copying, moving, importing, and exporting. Lens file favorites can quickly be changed between different folders, streamlining the process of moving between multiple lens packages on set.

New Smart Focus Rings

There are now new Smart Focus Rings for reverse-pullers and left-handers. 40 new Smart Focus Rings allow comfortable and intuitive focus pulling for all. Smart Focus Rings are automatically detected by the Hi-5 and will auto-select the corresponding focus knob and screen orientation for users.

Smart Iris Rings

Five new Smart Iris Rings enhance the use of the Hi-5 as a dedicated iris controller, typically used by DITs and DPs. Smart Iris Rings will automatically assign the focus knob to control an iris motor and will move the iris scale display to the right side of the Hi-5, next to the knob. Smart Iris Rings are available in five variations, used depending on the widest iris markings on the lens. The T1, T1.4, T2 and T2.8 rings are evenly marked to T22, whereas the fifth Smart Iris Ring offers a range of T1 – T32 and Closed, for specialty and broadcast lenses or as a one-stop-shop for a range of lenses.

Focus Tracking Toggle

While the Hi-5 and WCU-4 have offered focus tracking for many years, it required the user to continually hold down a user button. Focus Tracking Toggle mode allows focus pullers to engage this mode indefinitely, ideal for many situations including when users have to step away from their focus stations during setup, but an operator would like to continue framing up a shot. Active focus tracking is clearly indicated by an inversion of the colors on the distance-measuring device display.

Distance Arrow Damping

Damping can now be applied to the distance arrow that shows the position being measured by the distance-measuring device on the focus scale. This will prevent erratic jumping around as focus distances rapidly change, making it easier for focus pullers to match the mark. Distance arrow damping does not affect the readout of the distance or the measuring device itself and can be set in a range from 0-25.

Tally Status Knob Color

The previous selection of seven colors has been expanded with the option to set the focus knob backlight to display the tally status. The Hi-5 will then change color between green for standby, red for record, and blue when there is no media inserted, providing a clear and obvious indication of the camera status.

Manual T-stops and focal lengths

It’s now possible to show a depth of field indicator on the Hi-5 while only using a focus motor, thanks to an upgrade to the manual T-stop and focal length function. Set via the lens menu, previous versions required a specially created lens file to unlock the function, but it can now be used with any lens file.

Additional upgrades

In addition to these 10 new major features, there are many other smaller changes, UI upgrades, and bug fixes found in SUP 2.0. A SUP 2.0 for the RIA-1 is also available and is required when using the RIA-1 with Hi-5 SUP 2.0.

Hi-5 Update Procedure via USB

The Hi-5 software can be updated using a USB-A or USB-C drive. The USB-A slot is located below the display on the bottom of the Hi-5, covered by a plastic cap. Press the release pin to open the cover. The USB-C slot is located above the display on the top side of the Hi-5, covered by a rubber cap. Lift and turn the rubber cap gently to access the USB-C slot.

  • (1) Turn the Hi-5 on.
  • (2) Insert the USB drive into the corresponding USB slot.
  • (3) Prepare the USB drive by entering the settings menu and selecting System/Update/Prepare USB
  • medium.
  • (4) Unplug the USB drive from the Hi-5 and connect it to your computer.
  • (5) Copy the Software Update Package file into the folder ARRI/Hi-5/SUP, created on the USB drive.
  • (6) Eject the USB drive from your computer and insert it into the corresponding USB slot of the Hi-5.
  • (7) Enter the settings menu and go to System/Update/Firmware Update and select the update file.
  • (8) Confirm your selection by pressing ‘select’.


SUP 2.0 for Hi-5 and RIA-1 is now available and can be downloaded here.

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