Maxima 3 Mark II

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Maxima now has a new version of its Maxima 3 fixture. The Maxima 3 Mark II. features both hardware and software changes from the original.

I originally reviewed the Maxima 3 in November last year. What the team at maxima has done is taken a lot of my feedback and other users’ feedback to make improvements to the fixture.

What is new & improved?


The team has managed to greatly reduce the noise in both Boost and Regular modes. According to Maxima, the noise in boost mode is now the same as what it was in Regular mode.

I am glad to see this because in my review I found the following: The Silent mode was extremely quiet. In the Regular mode, you needed to have the fixture around 2-3m away from where any audio is being recorded. In the Boost mode, you don’t want to have any audio being recorded within at least 5-7 meters. I personally wouldn’t use the Boost mode in any situation where critical audio is being recorded.

The fan noise was certainly the light’s Achilles Heel and I am glad that Maxima has addressed this with the new version.


The Maxima team has been able to squeeze a 10% light output increase without any change to the LED or the integrated ballast.


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There has been a total overhaul of Bluetooth connectivity. In my review, I did have some issues with getting the app to see the fixture.

Mark II Upgrade Program

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Maxima takes great pride in following up with their customers on an almost one-to-one relationship. That’s why they are offering one of the first industry upgrade programs for every Maxima 3 owner. For €360 € Maxima will upgrade your unit to the Mark II hardware and software, completely refurbishing it and with a renewed warranty period of 2 years.

Enroll in the Mark II Upgrade Program here » 

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Maxima also has a trial program, where you can try one for yourself. With the Maxima Trial Program, you have the opportunity to test a kit of two units for 14 days without any commitment to buy. 

Enter the Maxima trial program

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