Accsoon SeeMo iOS HDMI Interface Accessories

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Accsoon has released new accessories for its SeeMo iOS HDMI interface. The new accessories are the ACC05 mounting plate and CL100 cable.

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If you are not familiar SeeMo it allows you to connect your camera or other FHD HDMI source to your iPhone or iPad and use it as a high grade daylight viewable monitor. In addition to the monitoring, SeeMo can also stream HD video directly to popular streaming platforms like YouTube from your camera, mixer or other HDMI source. It can even record a H.264 HD video direct from your camera to your iPhone or iPad’s camera roll for instant editing and sharing.

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Ok, back to the new accessories. Unlike a regular monitor, an iPhone or iPad can weigh very little and they can be mounted in various ways on a rig without upsetting the balance and destabilizing the camera. With the addition of the ACC05 you can now separate the SeeMo from the iOS device and mount it elsewhere on the camera. The CL100 1m cable is the second part of the equation as it needed to position an iPhone further away from the SeeMo than the stock cable.

Constructed of lightweight aluminum the new ACC05 plate allows the main body of the SeeMo to simply clip onto it. Together they form a single compact unit that can then attach directly to a wide range of camera setups via a standard 1/4 – 20 screw thread. An anti-rotation pin further secures the ACC05 when used with cages with the appropriate hole pattern.

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The ACC05 and CL100 connection cable allows the SeeMo (rear) to be mounted to the camera separately to the iPhone.

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With the ACC05 and longer CL100 cable the iPhone or iPad can then be mounted to most camera rigs separately from the body of the SeeMo without the use of the standard SeeMo phone clamp. This makes it a nice fit on cameras such as the Sony FX6 or Canon’s C300 mkIII where an iPad mini or iPhone can then be mounted in a forward position as the primary monitor, while the SeeMo and battery can be placed towards the rear or side of the camera body.

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The ACC05 can also be used to mount the SeeMo to the 1st generation Accsoon PowerCage for iPad and iPad Pro. Alternatively, the ACC05 can mount the SeeMo directly to an iPhone or iPad cage to create a more rugged monitoring setup. The ACC05 can also be used with the original Accsoon PowerCage for iPad and iPad Pro models, allowing them to function in a similar way to the newer PowerCage II versions.

Price & Avaialbility

The ACC05 retails for $29 USD and the CL100 phone connection cable is $25 USD.

Spring Sale

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Accsoon is also announcing a spring sale with up to 15% off many products. These include the popular CineView line of wireless video transmission systems, plus the F-C01 remote focus system and the original Accsoon PowerCages for iPad and iPad Pro.

For example, the top-of-the-range CineView SE transmitter and receiver kit is reduced by $100 to $549 US. The CineView HE is reduced from $499 to $419 USD. and the CineView Quad from $529 to $449 USD.

The sale runs from March at participating dealers and the promotion is limited to existing stocks only.

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