Simmod Lens PL Cine Pro Lens Adapters

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Simmod Lens has announced a new range of affordable, shimmable PL Cine Pro lens adapters.

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The Simmod lens Cine Pro PL adapters are available for E-mount, L-mount, RF mount, M4/3 mount and FX mount cameras. They are made out of aluminum alloy with a brass mount and they feature an anodized matte black finish.

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The PL lock ring has large tabs and a dampened locking mechanism. there is also an Arca-type tripod foot with 1/4” 20 hole. Inside the mount, there is felt material that bolsters optical quality by minimizing internal light reflections.

So how are these different from the myriad of other PL adapters on the market?

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Unlike most other adapters on the market, the Simmod Lens Cine Pro PL adapters can be shimmed from the rear (body end) instead of via the front. This makes it much easier for users to access and make adjustments with simple tools. Each adapter comes with a pair of brass shims included. Additional brass shims can be purchased via the company’s website in 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0 mm thicknesses.

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If you are not familiar with shims, they are essentially thin rings of material that are used to adjust mount depth to ensure that infinity focus and focus marks are correct. If you add a shim to your lens, what you are doing is positioning the lens slightly further forward and by doing so, you are slightly shifting where the focus lies. Making back focus adjustments with shims allows you to compensate for errors caused by different tolerances between the lens, adapter, and camera body.

Locking dust cover

Simmod Lens also includes a locking dust cover. The reason for this is that the camera’s original body cap cannot attach to the lens adapter.

Price & Availability

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The Simmod Lens Cine Pro PL to E-mount, L-mount, RF mount, M4/3 mount, and FX mount adapters are being offered at an introductory price of $189 USD. They will be available to purchase through the Simmod Lens website.

$189 USD is a competitive price for what looks to be a well made PL adapter.

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