ZOOM R12 Control App for iPad

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ZOOM has released the R12 Control App for iPad. The R12 Control App allows you to mix your recording sessions, adjust effects, edit project playlists and change project/ system settings.

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If you are not familiar with the ZOOM R12, it is a compact and portable Multifunctional Production Surface that retails for $249 USD.

Key features

  • Multi-track digital recorder with up to 8 tracks of recording.
  • 2.4” Full Color LCD touchscreen display with easy touch and swipe editing
  • User friendly graphic interface with on-board editing capabilities
  • Battery Powered up to 5 hours (4 AA’s)
  • 2 XLR / TRS Combo inputs – with phantom power and HI-Z on input 1
  • Send effects channel with 4 options: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, or Guitar Lab preset (choose up to 3 effects from our guitar effects collection including distortions, modulation effects, spacial effects, and much more)
  • Built-in compressor for inputs 1 and 2
  • Pan and 3-band EQ for each track
  • Sequence play – for using backing tracks in a live setting
  • Drum loops (150 preloaded)
  • Records directly to SDXC cards
  • Built-in USB-C audio interface (2-in / 2-out or 2-in/4out) with control surface function

Above you can watch a video to see what it can do.

Screenshot 2023 03 11 at 9 52 41 AM 1

The App is a good solution for when you want an extra display to make adjustments more quickly. The R12 Control App allows accessibility for the visually impaired, utilizing VoiceOver and VoiceOver Gestures. What you need to be aware of is that not all R12 functions are available on the Control App.

The R12 Control App requires the unit to be updated to Firmware Version 2.00 (download here) to work. For iPads with a Lightning connector, an Apple Lightning – USB 3 Camera Adapter is required.

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