Core SWX Helix Max 275wh & 367wh Batteries

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Core SWX has announced Helix Max 275wh and 367wh batteries. These join the 98wh and 147wh models that are already available in the lineup.

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The Core SWX Helix Max are dual voltage, 14v/28v batteries that are available in B-mount, V-mount, and G-mount.


I reviewed the Helix Max 150 B-mount battery on the site recently.

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The Helix Max batteries feature a proprietary, patented technology that provides lossless power transmission at a 100% efficiency rate to high voltage operating equipment. Its unique design allows it to output up to 33.6v, within the top range of high voltage acceptance, drawing less current, creating less heat, and extending both operational runtime and product longevity.

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Helix Max packs were designed to utilize the next generation of cells, the 20700 size cell. Most other brands use the older 18650 cells. While this design creates a deeper build due to the wider cells, the operational functionality of the Helix Max packs far exceeds others using 18650 cells in the market.

Helix Max’s uniquely designed infrastructure allows the pack to function as a standard V-mount or G-mount 14v pack in all applications without the fear of accidentally transmitting high voltage.

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Helix Max batteries (not the B-mount versions) also charge on all standard V-mount and G-mount chargers.

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What is great about the new 275wh and 367wh Batteries is that they have maximum output of 24A (12A at 28.8v HV), which allows them to handle just about anything you can throw at them. This allows you to run multiple accessories directly from your camera and/or battery.

The Helix Max 275 and 360 are equipped with a 3-phase backlit LCD that provides the user with information on battery life and charge status. It will also display estimated runtime when the pack is not in use and actual calculated runtime when it is in use by sampling the load every 3 seconds.

I am glad that Core SWX moved the LCD display on these new versions, so it is on the side of the battery and not on the back. This makes it easier to see when you are next to the camera.


When placed on a charger, the LCD rotates 90 degrees to display the remaining charge time until the battery is fully charged.

Additionally, the LCD displays a bar graph, runtime in hours and minutes, and remaining percentage capacity.

The Helix Max battery packs also have the ability to communicate essential information to the camera y transmitting the same information displayed on the runtime LCD to the camera.

The Helix Max 275 and 360 both feature a next-generation polycarbonate housing that provides increased protection from the rigors of cinema production. This new housing design is built to withstand the demands of The polycarbonate material is incredibly durable, and provides shock absorption that can help protect the battery cells from damage during transport or when the battery is in use on set. The housing design is also incredibly heat-resistant, which is critical when working with high-powered cinematic lighting and equipment that generates significant heat.

Price & Availability

The retail price for the Helix Max 275 is $825 USD and the Helix Max 360 is $975 USD.

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