Chrosziel Chaos Cable Ties Review

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Chrosziel Chaos Cable Ties are adjustable cable ties that come in multiple mounts. I love little products like this that help keep cable management in check.

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Often it’s the small things that can make a big difference. The mark of a good product is one that keeps out of your way and gets the job done without drawing any attention to itself.

Cable ties are nothing new and there have been various iterations and designs over the years. Some of them include the Panavision Modular: Cable Clips, BongoTies, SPRIG, KipperTie Smart Cable Wraps, etc.

What makes the Chaos Cable ties a little different from some of the other offerings on the market is that they are adjustable so you can secure multiple cables and not just one. You are not limited to a certain number of cables or a cable thickness.


The Chaos Cable Ties are adjustable and reusable, and they also reduce cable strain as they keep the cable from sliding through, unlike other some other ties on the market.

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You can also double or triple up longer cables so they don’t become a spaghetti mess.

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They come in a set of 12 and you get the following:

  • 4x 1/4″ thread
  • 4x 3/8″ thread 
  • 4x stickytape

The set comes with 4 ties that have a 3/8th thread and 4 that have 1/4-20 thread to attach to cages and organize cables around the camera. If you don’t have threaded mount points available on your camera you can use the 4 adhesive Chaos Cable Ties that are in the set. 

Do they work well?

In short, yes. They stay in place and they are very easy to use. I like the adjustability as it allows for more flexibility than other cable tie solutions on the market.


It is very quick and easy to lengthen or remove cables by just pulling the hole back up over the fastening point.

You can also use one tie to fasten multiple cables. Because you can fold the tie over multiple times you can fasten one cable and then fasten another cable using the same tie.


If you want to crisscross the cable ties you can. This provides another added layer of security because the cables are then secured by more than one tie.

Price & Availability

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The Chrosziel Chaos Cable Ties will set you back €33.00 for a pack of 12. This makes them €2.75 each. This is a reasonable price considering they are reusable and adjustable and they will probably outlive your camera.

I have been using these cable ties for a few months now and they stay permanently on my camera. They allow me to secure cables, adjust them and most importantly keep them out of the way while I work.

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