ARRI Tech Talk: Wireless Third-Party Camera Control with the ARRI Hi-5

In the latest ARRI Tech Talk, Sean Dooley explains how you go about setting up and using the ARRI Hi-5 to wireless control third-party cameras.

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Third-party Camera Control is now available for the Hi-5 when using either the cforce mini RF or RIA-1 as a motor controller.

In the Tech Talk, Sean walks you through setting up the Sony Venice and Venice 2, RED DSMC2 cameras, and the RED Komodo/V-Raptor to enable camera control for Hi-5.

It is also possible to inject lens metadata into a Sony Venice or Venice 2, and there is a dedicated tutorial section on that at the end of this video.

You can use the chapters in the video (listed below) to jump to the most relevant section for you.

ARRI License Shop: www.alshop.arri.de

Cables mentioned in this video:

  • CAM to RED CTRL: K2.0015758
  • CAM to SONY Remote: K2.0047268
  • CAM to ENG: K2.0015759

00:00 Intro
01:54 Cables
02:22 Camera Control Features
03:12 RED DSMC2
06:41 RED Komodo/V-Raptor
08:27 Sony Venice/Venice 2
12:32 Sony Venice Lens Metadata Injection

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