Aputure INFINIBAR an RGBWW full-color LED pixel bar

The Aputure INFINIBAR is a new product in the lineup. It is modular; therefore has the ability to link multiple 1′, 2′, or 4′ INFINIBARs together using ten differently-shaped connectors to design shapes and effects.


You can operate multiple INFINIBARs using one power supply when linked by the power-sharing connectors or use their internal batteries. The pixel bar’s infinite blending design also eliminates visible gaps between fixtures to create seamless pixelated effects using the PB3’s 24 RGB pixels.


Each INFINIBAR Pixel Bar features a pixel density of 24 pixels per foot. The PB3 clocks in at 24 pixels, the PB6 has 48 pixels, and the PB12 features 96 pixels.


Each INFINIBAR has a built-in battery and advanced connectivity options, including Sidus Link, built-in LumenRadio CRMX, and wired DMX via USB-C1, with seven pre-programmed Pixel FX, nine System FX, and the new Sidus Link Magic Infinity FX. The Aputure Active USB-C to 5-Pin DMX In & Out Adapter is sold separately.

Splicing Connector Hardware Ecosystem


One issue with tube lights is that they don’t have connectors when you want to line them up together. The INFINIBAR has a unique feature that can connect multiple 1-foot, 2-foot, or 4-foot INFINIBARs together using ten differently shaped connectors to create unique flat or 3D lighting shapes and designs. Each connector features DC power passthrough, so you can power multiple INFINIBAR fixtures using a single power supply. You can also use the INFINIBARs’ internal batteries for more flexibility. The INFINIBAR’s infinite blending design also eliminates visible gaps between fixtures linked with Straight Connectors to create seamless pixelated effects.

The INFINIBARs can also be mounted with the integrated neodymium magnets and the INFINIBAR Rail with Baby Pin adapter for flexible positioning. Their rectilinear shape and battery or AC power solutions also allow them to be built directly into set designs. Each INFINIBAR has integrated 1/4-20″ mounting points on each end cap.

The design is rather unique, and the possibilities for creative applications are vast. While they can be used for lighting your subject, the design lends itself to practical lighting and creative patterns for backgrounds.

Each INFINIBAR comes with an EVA-padded carrying case, complete with an INFINIBAR Clamp to Baby Pin Adapter, INFINIBAR Straight Connector, IEC C13 AC Power Cable, and 48W AC Power Supply, The PB6 and PB12 include magnetic spacers to bring them up to the same height as the PB3.

RGBWW Color Reproduction


Aputure states their proprietary RGBWW LED chipset for full-color functionality maintains Aputure’s standard for high color reproduction. They state that light can achieve an average CRI of 95+, TLCI of 98, SSI (D56) of 74, and SSI (Tungsten) of 85 to always produce accurate skin tones.


The RGBWW chipset also allows the INFINIBAR series to reproduce an ultra-wide CCT range of 2,000K- 10,000K and over 90% of the Rec.2020 color space with saturated colors by using technology that matches the rest of the Aputure and amaran product lines.

Built-in Pixel FX

Aputure INFINIBAR PB6 Clean 0000

Each fixture can output seven built-in Pixel FX – including Color Fade, Color Cycle, One Pixel Chase, Two Pixel Chase, Three Pixel Chase, Rainbow, and Pixel Fire – each with layers of variable lighting control to inject creativity into lighting any scene. These new Pixel FX are different from the typical System FX or Sidus Pro FX found in Aputure and amaran lights, as they are able to activate each of the many lighting engines independently. Pixel Fire, for example, flickers each of the engines at different rates to create a more variable and realistic Fire effect than that of a single light source that varies as a whole.

What’s Included

Aputure INFINIBAR PB12 Clean 0002
Each kit includes the following
48W DC Power Adapter (3m) 1
AC Locking Power Cable (1.5m) 1
Magnetic Spacer 2
INFINIBAR Clamp to Baby Pin Adapter 1
INFINIBAR Straight Connector 1
5mm Hex Wrench 1
Carrying Case 1

Pricing and Availability

The INFINIBAR PB3 ($299 USD), PB6 ($479 USD), and PB12 ($639 USD) will be available for shipping worldwide beginning February 28th, 2023.

Also available are multiple accessories and kits

  • PB6 8-Light Kit: $4,850 USD
  • PB12 8-Light Kit: $6,350 USD
  • PB3 Softbox: $69 USD
  • PB6 Softbox: $89 USD
  • PB12 Softbox: $109 USD
  • PB3 45o Light Control Grid: $59 USD
  • PB6 45o Light Control Grid: $79 USD
  • PB12 45o Light Control Grid: $99 USD

Power and Connector Accessories

  • Multi-Light Shaping Kit: $1,390 USD
  • 3-Way Flat Connector: $79 USD
  • 4-Way FlatConnector: $79 INFINIBAR 6-Way Flat Connector: $79 USD
  • Triangle Flat Connector: $89 USD
  • Triangle 3D Connector: $89 USD
  • Hexagon Flat Connector: $139 USD
  • Hexagon 3D Connector: $139 USD
  • Square Flat Connector: $109 USD
  • Square 3D Connector: $99 USD
  • 250W (24V) Power Adapter Kit: $129 USD

The INFINIBAR, in many ways, reminds me of the Spify Gear Spekular lighting system that uses connectors to make different shapes. While the modularity aspect is similar, Aputure has taken it to an entirely new level.

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