amaran releases PT1c, PT2c, & PT4c Pixel Tube

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amaran releases the PT1c, PT2c, & PT4c Pixel Tube Lights. These are the first tube lights from amaran to feature multiple light engines for pixelated lighting effects and internal batteries, designed to create engaging in-camera visuals for all content and video production.

Comprised of 1-foot, 2-foot, and 4-foot tube lengths, the Pixel Tube series features Pixel FX and RGBWW color quality at various versatile sizes to fit several applications on set or in the home studio. The Pixel Tubes each feature a pixel density of 4 pixels per foot, resulting in 4 pixels for the PT1c, 8 pixels for the PT2c, and 16 pixels for the four-foot-long PT4c. Integrating the Pixel Tubes into filmmaking workflows is also effortless using Sidus Link or DMX control via a USB-C adapter and USB-C rechargeable batteries packed into a sleek and slender form factor.


The Pixel Tube includes seven pre-programmed Pixel FX and 9 System FX. amaran states The Pixel Tubes are expansive and versatile tube lights that add waves of colorful possibilities to a scene and are compatible with Sidus Link in the amaran ecosystem.

When using the internal battery, the 2-foot version can operate for up to 170 minutes at maximum output.

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The amaran Pixel Tubes are the first filmmaking lights from amaran to feature multiple light engines, setting them apart from the amaran T2c and T4c announced in 2022. This allows users to achieve more varied control, lighting designs, and effects for various scenes. Users can trigger Pixel FX using the on-board menu or more efficiently through Sidus Link and can achieve fine-tuned controls with DMX control using a USB-C to DMX Adapter with USB-C Input (sold separately).

Full-Color RGBWW LED Chipset

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amaran states the Pixel Tube can achieve accurate skin tones throughout its CCT range of 2,700K-10,000K with fully tunable green-magenta control, achieving high CRI [95], TLCI [98], and SSI values across the board, with an SSI (Tungsten) of 85 and SSI (D56) of 75.


This color temperature range is wider on the cool end of the spectrum than the amaran T2c and T4c (2500K-7500K), almost reaching the range of Aputure’s higher-end full-color lights like the Nova P600c or the INFINIBARs, and allowing for a blue-er tint in white light control.

Mounting Options

The Pixel Tubes all come with magnetic mounting solutions for enhanced convenience in on-set workflows. The PT1c’s lightweight form factor features rotatable endcaps with integrated magnets for flexible positioning. Accounting for their larger size and heavier weights, the PT2c and PT4c include magnetic T12 brackets with 3/8-16in screw threads for mounting on magnetic surfaces or attached to spigots or baby pins. Like the T2c and T4c, all the Pixel Tubes also feature 3/8-16in screw mounts in their end caps for mounting on floor stands or attaching to multi-light splicing connectors to arrange the tubes in a variety of shapes.

Users can use the amaran 3/8-16in tube splicing connectors to create larger, more complex fixture shapes. These connectors screw into any 3/8-16in mounting points found on T2cs, T4cs, and Pixel Tube lights.

DMX Control

Users looking to control the amaran Pixel Tubes using wired DMX must use the USB-C to DMX Adapter with USB-C Input, which is sold separately or is included in the PT2c and PT4c 2-Light Production Kits. This adapter plugs directly into the USB-C port on fixtures, unlocking DMX control.

Pixel FX can be activated from the onboard UI, Sidus Link app, or DMX control. To control individual Pixels, this function is currently accessible only through DMX.

Pricing and Availability

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The amaran PT1c ($139 USD), PT2c 2-Light Production Kit ($598 USD), and PT4c 2-Light Production Kit ($838 USD) will be available for purchase beginning February 28th, 2023.

The amaran PT2c ($299 USD) and PT4c ($429 USD) will be available for pre-order beginning February 28th, 2023.

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